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Anne Frank's diary has inspired me to follow my dreams and to be the person that I want to become.

Sara, 25 - Liberty - United States - 11 Jan 2016

Thank you, Anne for the wonderful message you left and to Otto for finding the strength to share this message with the world.

Sime, 23 - Yerevan - Armenia - 5 Jan 2016

Gluten morgen I remember when I was the same age as Ann she inspired me to keep a personal diary too and I still keep one to this day . Anne is one very special girl being able to stand up against adloph hittler and to be able to let people know that it is not right to treat people unhumanly it is differently took a lot of couarage to speak up against this sort of brutality. I love u anne thank u for what u have done for all the children in this world who will never know peace or to have a normal childhood of they own. You showed that you cared about others and for that I say thank you for giving a voice to the children who died at the hands of violence . God bless you.

Leigh ann Iszlaub, 45 - Wondai QLD 4606 - Australia - 3 Jan 2016

Wow, stunning portal. Thnx ...

browse around this website, 27 - Akureyri - Iceland - 2 Jan 2016

peter van pels, and everyone who went into hiding. they all have, inspired me a lot , may there legacy leave's on.

verna, 32 - Dominica - 30 Dec 2015

I visited the Anne Frank house in 1990 and was amazed how they were able to avoid detection for so long by the Nazi's. For those that profess the Holocaust Never Happened I can assure you it did, as my now departed Uncle was a Guard at the Trials of the Nazi War Criminals. Also I met a women that was a Prisoner at the Bergen-Belsen Camp were she met Anne and Margot Frank before they died, she was good friends with them, she also had the Nazi Tattooed number on her arm, that was the first thing I noticed and which struck up the conversation, it's something I will Never Ever Forget !! RIP ANNE & MARGOT and the rest of the victims.

JOHN , 56 - SAN CARLOS - United States - 27 Dec 2015