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Anne Franks diary was one of the best books/diary's that I have ever read in my whole life. If I was her I think that the hardest part of living in the Annex would be the fear of getting caught. Honestly I have no clue of how she and the people in the annex did it. Her story needs to be read by all people because it shows us that in order to live, we need to make sacrifices. This is a book that all of the schools need to teach. The part that was a huge eye opener to me was that she lived in the concentration camps and only died 2 weeks before the allies invaded. I thought that this was a great story!

Brooke, Caldwell - United States - 8 Dec 2015

My class just read the Anne Frank play and watched the film and the documentary. I thought that it was very cool and it was also interesting.

Jacob Ankeny, 12 - Homedale, ID - United States - 8 Dec 2015

Anne was a very good person. And was full of heart. She was very inspiring.

joe, New Jersey - United States - 8 Dec 2015

isnt it sad that such a great person had to slowly die in a concetration camp such a shame

RIchard l, United Kingdom - 8 Dec 2015

(The following comments are from my students at the Wayne Cty Juvenile Detention Facility in downtown Detroit): "The way I feel about the Holocaust by watching "Anne Frank" I don't think it was fair to stereotype and kill people for no real reason. It's just not right - to me!" - 11th gr Afr-American male. "I couldn't imagine going through what Anne and them have been through! What could have been on Hitler's mind that made him do those dreadful things to the Jewish people? This story opened my eyes to the realization of the struggle of this generation. Young people today say they've 'been through it,' but what about the people who survived Auschwitz?" - 16-yr old Afr-Am male "I feel that Anne and her family were really strong. My sisters couldn't go two years without showering. Also, we couldn't hide; my family is way too loud! Anne Frank's family seemed to be a put together family. I thinks she was strong for lasting months in the camp; I don't think I would have lasted a week. Your father is also a very strong person or for surviving the camp." -- 11th gr Afr-Am male "I dont get why the Jews had to go through this thing because of one person and his beliefs. I don't understand why other people would follow him either. All that killing and what did the Nazi's accomplish? Reputations as murderers! If Hitler was such a genius, then why make such childish accusations about Jews? -- Noah M., 10th gr male

J. Jamison Lofton, English Teacher (6-12), 55 - Detroit - United States - 7 Dec 2015

Just read your beautiful diary, Anne. You wanted to stay alive even after dying; guess what, you are alive 57 years after your death, little princess! and will go on to live for rest of the years this world has to see. Stay in rest, peace and love, beautiful angel!

MK, Winnipeg - Canada - 6 Dec 2015