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Anne's story is so inspiring, I think it shows us what real suffering is, I mean Anne has been through too much but she still had some hope and faith in her heart and mind. I wouldn't be able to gone through what she went through, I can barley handle a losing a very best friend, but Anne lost a lot but she still had the power to stay strong and not give up. I think Anne wrote the diary thinking about how that journal can change the future and change the way people think of the world...

Eloisa , Homedale - United States - 8 Dec 2015

Anne Frank is a very remembered person. Its nice to know how life would be to be in hiding for two years. I'm very happy that I don't have to go through what they did.

Keagen, 13 - Homedale - United States - 8 Dec 2015

I love the story of Anne Frank. How she had to go into hiding for two whole years. No talking above a whisper during the day, not able to wear shoes, or use the restroom. So many things she cannot do. I admire her. I agree with Peter Van Pels, she had a way of talking to adults. I am shy, as well as Peter was. I wouldn't ever be able to talk to adults the kind of way she does. Standing up for her rights, her thoughts, etc. I would actually like to live in the Secret Annex for two years just as she did. I want to learn how she and the others felt. I loved reading her story, and the other posts on this site.

Mickaylah , 12 - Homedale - United States - 8 Dec 2015

I read "The Diary of Anne Frank" and watched the film. I loved the story. I personally liked the film better. I liked how she explained what happened in the Annex. I hope to visit the Annex some day and enjoy the museum.

Jase, 13 - Homedale - United States - 8 Dec 2015

Anne was a great writer. she told a great story about how she lived and how it was staying in one place and waiting if the German's will come and take them.

Victor , 12 - Idaho - United States - 8 Dec 2015

Anne frank was a good book i would love to see the annex i hope i see it one day and it seems like it was a very hard back then and i thought it was hard now days but i was wrong it was the film was way cool but i really like the documentary.

tyson, 13 - homedale - United States - 8 Dec 2015