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I think Anne would want us to welcome people still being oppressed and displaced today into our hearts and homes. Anne's story is sadly still just as relevant today and the choices we all have to make. Which side of history will we be on?

Mick Marshall, 57 - Birmingham - United Kingdom - 12 Nov 2015

Love this story.

Cathy McKenzie, 51 - Winnipeg - Canada - 12 Nov 2015

I always wanted to go to the Anne Frank house but at the same time I didn't. I don't understand why we allowed and still allow something like this to happen. Anne's words need to be read by everyone. A child like her can be the wisest voice we need to stop and listen too.

Emma McCaffrey, 22 - Edinburgh - United Kingdom - 11 Nov 2015

I read your article on how Anne and Margot died, I cried

Morgan S., United States - 9 Nov 2015

Anne Frank is a symbol of love and youth in the face of adversity. A truly inspiring individual

Chinh Tang Dao, 22 - United Kingdom - 8 Nov 2015

I am love with book!! As I started reading the book I felt more and more curious. Anne Frank gives me a clear message of Tolerance, love and hope.... The fate certainly did not suit her..... LONG LIVE THE SPIRIT OF ANNE FRANK!!!!

Aadya Mishra, 15 - Gwalior - India - 6 Nov 2015