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Anne Frank is a symbol of love and youth in the face of adversity. A truly inspiring individual

Chinh Tang Dao, 22 - United Kingdom - 8 Nov 2015

I am love with book!! As I started reading the book I felt more and more curious. Anne Frank gives me a clear message of Tolerance, love and hope.... The fate certainly did not suit her..... LONG LIVE THE SPIRIT OF ANNE FRANK!!!!

Aadya Mishra, 15 - Gwalior - India - 6 Nov 2015

The 8th graders at Santa Rosa Academy in Menifee, California have virtually toured this site and are now reading the 1958 play, The Diary of Anne Frank. It is fantastic to see how these students identify with Anne; they laugh, cry, and giggle with her as well as understand her relate to the frustrations she had with her parents and the other adults who make demands on this teenager. Most importantly, these kids, raised in modern times, were not surprised to learn that Anne's father had no idea what his daughter's true thoughts and feelings really were. Anne's diaries will remain relevant and timeless for all

Lauren Jackson, 59 - Temecula, California - United States - 5 Nov 2015

I truly love her story. my great grandpa served in WWII. God bless Anne Frank...

mary, 14 - davenport Fl. - United States - 3 Nov 2015

Very inspiring book, it is amazing to think that a girl at such a young age could stay strong in such conditions.

Chance Moore, 14 - Tuscumbia, AL - United States - 3 Nov 2015

I Really Liked This Book !

Jovian Kevonte' Young , 16 - Tuscumbia - United States - 3 Nov 2015