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Visited the Anne Frank Huis on Friday, 16th of Oct, 2015. Such a wonderful tribute to a tragic era in history! I weap for the "thousands of Anne Franks" that perished during the Nazi regime. President John F Kennedy said, "Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future." We do not inherit guilt, but we do inherit responsibility...may we all take responsibility for a peaceful future.

Jennifer Middleton, 60 - San Jose, CA - United States - 18 Oct 2015

I first read Anne Frank`s diary last year. When I read it, I felt something in my heart. She was so beautiful girl, she always smiled and she had a very good sense for writing. When i grow up, I want to live in Amsterdam and study history and write books. These are my dreams, just like Anne`s was. I could say that when I was reading her diary, I could feel her inside me. I really admire her and I love her so much.

Nika, 15 - Slovenia - 10 Oct 2015

wonderful girl really inspirational to me

zahra, 13 - sydney - Australia - 3 Oct 2015

Since my eighth grade year in 2000, I have been incredibly inspired by Anne Franks diary. She had so much strength and I hope that someday I can possess some of the same qualities that she did. We went to the holocaust museum in DC about two years ago and there was so much feeling that is was hard to breathe. Anne I still pray for you and your family even though you are now in Heaven. I hope someday I can meet you up there because you are one of the most amazing people I have ever read about. My daughter now 13, is reading your book and we talk after each chapter about the what you endured. Someday I hope my family can see your secret annex. Thank you so much for this site. It is very informative and well put together. Love, Rachel Anne Zito

Rachel Zito, 30 - Coeurdalene - United States - 2 Oct 2015

I read this book in my high school English class and we also did the virtual tour and i found that this time line provide some interesting information and i feel bad for all of the people that had to live in hiding and family members that lost there loved one to this devastating and tragic event in history.

Naoh Dodson, 15 - fawn grove - United States - 1 Oct 2015

Anne Frank is a ideal for me.She is just like me .She talks so much she write a diary(I also stated to write a diary after reading her novel)She also fall in love for two times and her first relationship was not so serious and break after some times like me only.Her loves for her father is also same as me and I also wants a true frd for me .I love her so much and her writing is super she is so good

vaishnavi sharma, 15 - bhind - India - 30 Sep 2015