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"To build the future, you have to know the past"...those words stayed with me long after I went out of Anne Frank House. So simple few words, yet so powerful and so very true, and sadly, so easily forgotten and dismissed nowadays, again. We should all learn from our past, as a mankind, and each and every one of us should be held accountable for doing everything we can, with no excuses, to really make this world a place where every single child will be safe, loved, and healthy. Because a good child makes a good grown-up, so maybe, just maybe, the vicious circle of evil could be broken at last. Anne Frank and her family should remind us of that more often. I thank her for reminding me today.

Tamara Lukic, 44 - Belgrade - Serbia and Montenegro - 29 Sep 2015

I recently read Anne's Diary which I purchased in Berlin. I was so drawn into Anne's world that I decided to go and visit the Annex in Amsterdam last week. It was a deeply moving experience, difficult to believe that this was ever allowed to happen, and to so many families. Let's hope that we have all learned from this and hope that it never happens again,

Vikki Parlour, 48 - Brentwood - United Kingdom - 29 Sep 2015

Such a ordinary young lady. I'm glad to read her book. its truly an honor to see such beauty.

khalisa barber, 18 - clearwater - United States - 28 Sep 2015

Too bad they were betrayed! What a will to survive. Let's pray we never have another holocaust!

M hadley, 36 - San Diego - United Kingdom - 28 Sep 2015

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wohnung denkmalschutz darmstadt, 18 - Kobenhavn V - Denmark - 21 Sep 2015

I read Anne's diary when I was fifteen in 1970. It left its mark on me and made me a more tolerant person and eventually I went in to work with social work as I wanted to make the world a better place. My children and grandchildren have all read her book. My youngest granddaughter said to me "Anne was only a kid, why were people allowed to kill a kid" I did not have the heart to tell her Anne was only one of the one and a half million kids who perished in the Holocaust. I suppose the book gave her father a reason to live after the war. Such a tragedy. Wee Anne.

Eleanor Dahlstrom, 60 - glasgow - United Kingdom - 19 Sep 2015