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i had read the book and it is such an inspiring story. i felt all their pain when i watched the movie of Anne Frank. this is now one of my absolute favorites! i would love to visit the house. definite 100% review!!!!

autumn, 16 - tuscumbia - United Kingdom - 3 Nov 2015

The movie was very cool and amazing how strong they were in these two years and very cool that Anne Frank stayed happy no matter what and keeped a journal.

Amanda, 15 - Tuscumbia - United Kingdom - 3 Nov 2015

After being cast as Anne in my school play, I was able to develop such an appreciation for the characters. It's important to understand that Anne, her fellow annex residents, and all the other Jews that died such terrible deaths had hopes, dreams, and ambitions much like the rest of us. The children never had a chance to marry, finish school, establish a career and see the world. They had to say goodbye to their sisters, brothers, parents, and friends for eternity. Thank you, Anne, for documenting your story and allowing us decades later to gain perspective. When I have the chance to visit your secret annex, I with be sure to hold you and your companions with the utmost honor.

Avery, 15 - United States - 1 Nov 2015

29th Oct 2015. Words cannot describe this visit. I never thought that I would feel such emotion and I couldn't stop the tears on seeing the diary. The whole experience makes you evaluate life. Anne should have seen her work published, known that those words have touched many people and will continue to do so for many years.. Thank you

Christine Webster, 47 - Bradford - United Kingdom - 30 Oct 2015

As a reminder that not all famous people are only capable of viewing the events of the Holocaust through the lens of their own celebrity, here are ten of them who managed to sign the guest book of the Anne Frank House without controversy. 

Free Games Download, United Kingdom - 29 Oct 2015

I haven't yet read the book, but for my 8th grade project, we are supposed to read it. I am so excited! Thank you Anne.

Tayley , 13 - Melbourne - Australia - 22 Oct 2015