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It is amazing how optimistic she stayed through such a tough time. Even when she was down in the dumps, she still tried to feel happy.

Christian Lobrutto, 13 - Cheshunt - United Kingdom - 25 Apr 2017

I believe that the diary of Anne Frank is insipirational because it shows that you should always have hope in bad times. It tells us that you should also believe in something and to stay strong whatever happens to you.

Harry Catarinicchia, 13 - london - United Kingdom - 24 Apr 2017

'You don't have to be a hero to change the world'

Harry brocklehurst, 11 - London - United Kingdom - 22 Apr 2017

I think most people overlook what a great writer Anne Frank was. Although she wasn't older than 15, her diary is an amazing display of wit, humour and writing skills. Widely overlooked too is her approach to sexuality, she was strongly in favour of proper sex education and probably bisexual.Had she lived through the 70s what an influencial thinker she would have been ! I'm not saying don't look at the context she was living in, but read her diary (again) and appreciate what a great mind she had, what a great mind we were robbed of.

Johanna, 29 - Rouen - France - 19 Apr 2017

The way for people to understand the problems with war is by having a third world war. But to avoid, that Anne Frank remains us why it should not occurs again.

Tommy Hugo Devito-Hinkula, 16 - Stockholm - Sweden - 16 Apr 2017

Anne frank was very smart and a brave soul i wish that she coulded suffer because i belive any should not suffer in this world.

dylan, 9 - miami beach - United Kingdom - 11 Apr 2017