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No one can read The Diary of Anne Frank and go away without taking in a very valuable lesson. Focusing on the problems of growing up, dealing with tough times and these concepts really strengthens your values and understandings. Throughout the diary, young teens will be able to relate to Anne's disagreements with her sister and parents and most people understand how hard it is to face your biggest fears. Anne taught us all something to remember forever. I know I will always remember how The Play Of The Diary Of Anne Frank ends "Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart." I know it will live with me forever.

Amber , Melbourne - Australia - 18 Sep 2015

Dear Kitty, In recent times i have read The Diary of Anne Frank and the play version. I have discovered your story, and your emotions. Just an ordinary teenage girl having to survive in the worst situation possible. Anne and the others in hiding are truly the meaning of courage and strength. I hope that we all remember what happened during this time so that such horrific events will not occur again. I have visited the Holocaust museum in Melbourne but i have not yet had the opportunity to visit the Annex. In the future i greatly wish that i will learn more about you and read more about you. You have taught me to stay strong and to keep going even in the worst of situations. Thankyou Anne for leaving your amazing diary for us to read. Thankyou.

Elizabeth Delafosse, 13 - Melbourne - Australia - 18 Sep 2015

What kind of a person could do such things as what was done to the Jews in Nazi Germany. It's a good thing that we have such resources as to remember the hardships the Jews faced. Thanks!

Daniel Saliba, 13 - Melbourne - Australia - 18 Sep 2015

Anne Frank has really opened my eyes on the whole subject of WWII and the Holocaust. The diary has enabled me to study and learn about certain aspects of life as a Jewish person. It was at the same time sad and amusing learning about the experiences of Anne in her adolescence stage while living in such conditions. The diary was so moving and something that everyone needs to read.

N.CM, 14 - Melbourne - Australia - 18 Sep 2015

"We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same."- Anne Frank Despite everything Anne went through, she still managed to live a positive life. Anne amazed me by how optimistic she was during her time during hiding. She decided that although her situation was bad, she would make the most of it. If I was given the opportunity to choose a female figure to put on Australian currency, I would choose her. I think everybody should be inspired by Anne, and learn that whatever the event, you still need to be happy

Ruby R, 13 - Melbourne - Australia - 18 Sep 2015

While we have been studying the text (The Play of the Diary of Anne Frank), I have learnt so much more information. Not only about Anne but The Holocaust and World War II in general. This website has been very informative and interesting, especially the timeline. It is an incredibly sad and moving story.

Pat. L, 14 - Melbourne - Australia - 18 Sep 2015