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Anne você conseguiu se tornar aquilo que disse uma grande e famosa escritora, leio todos os livros que lançam sobre essa pequena grande mulher, espero um dia poder ir a sua casa e aos campos de concentração para levar meu filho e lhe mostrar até onde a maldade humana pode chegar.

Claudia, 30 - Curitiba - Brazil - 29 Aug 2015

it is amazing

Callie Cortez , 13 - brandon - United Kingdom - 28 Aug 2015

I really interesting to see the Anne's house. Thank you.

Asuka Yamazaki, 28 - Yokohama - Japan - 26 Aug 2015

Truly powerful and breaks your heart

Catherine Newland, Everett - United States - 25 Aug 2015

It often feels like atrocities are never ending as Rwanda and many other moments come to mind. But despite all of this we return to Anne frank because she shows us the goodness capable from simply being human. She is a name for those who have lost their name, a warning for those who would want hatred to rise again. With a new rise of the far right we must all be wary, alongside addressing the hatred that lies within our own world already. My sister and I share age parallels with margot and Anne. Hatred turned their potential into would haves so we must all change the world in their names. We shall remember them.

Katie Gardner , 18 - London - United Kingdom - 24 Aug 2015

I have just read Anne's diary and I am amazed at the courage of her. In some ways I can relate to how she sometimes feels towards her family and other matters. I hope the when faced with hard decisions I can have even half the courage that Anne had. I will never forget reading this book and the influence it has had on me.

Skye, Australia - 23 Aug 2015