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Through this topic i discovered how Jews living through WWII coped with life and what it was like to be hated by everyone for non-legitimate reasons.

Gustaf, 1000000 - Melbourne - Australia - 18 Sep 2015

Anne Frank's biography and diary is very touching and also historically accurate.

Nathan S, 13 - Melbourne - Australia - 18 Sep 2015

My class has been studying The Diary of Anne Frank. This book was so inspiring and touching and really furthered my knowledge on Anne Frank and WWII. The diary was very informative and had a lot of substantial information that not only highlighted how they lived but also outlined the rough conditions and consequences of WWII and Hitlers power.

Holly.E, Melbourne - Australia - 18 Sep 2015

Wonderful book. She tought me much and how the things we take for granted everyday has a lot of value.

nora ralph, 53 - shirley - United States - 6 Sep 2015

The very first time I read the diary of Anne Frank or heard of her I was 9 years old - then when I was 21 in 1988 I visited the annex where she hid with her family for me this was a surreal and moving experience -I also visited Daccau concentration camp that same year and I have never forgotten that experience there was just silence - not even a bird singing or the chirp of a cricket - just nothing - just the wind in the trees & the horror of what had happened there - a few of years ago I visited the Jewish museum in Darlinghurst Sydney - and even after all these years - I still find it unbelievable that this was ever allowed to happen, such a tragic loss of beautiful talented innocent people - the world is so much poorer without them & for the millions more like them who's trails were destroyed and didn't have a voice - thank god for the helpers of that family and that her father Otto survived to pass on a legacy that has shown us all a personal eyewitness account of what it was like to live at that time - that has moved us all

mary ellwood, 48 - sydney - United Kingdom - 3 Sep 2015

I could not find enough words to describe all the mixed emotions in the place where Ana was hiding. From sorrow to happiness because their spirit still in our memories.

Salvador Segura, 45 - Mexico City - Mexico - 2 Sep 2015