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The very first time I read the diary of Anne Frank or heard of her I was 9 years old - then when I was 21 in 1988 I visited the annex where she hid with her family for me this was a surreal and moving experience -I also visited Daccau concentration camp that same year and I have never forgotten that experience there was just silence - not even a bird singing or the chirp of a cricket - just nothing - just the wind in the trees & the horror of what had happened there - a few of years ago I visited the Jewish museum in Darlinghurst Sydney - and even after all these years - I still find it unbelievable that this was ever allowed to happen, such a tragic loss of beautiful talented innocent people - the world is so much poorer without them & for the millions more like them who's trails were destroyed and didn't have a voice - thank god for the helpers of that family and that her father Otto survived to pass on a legacy that has shown us all a personal eyewitness account of what it was like to live at that time - that has moved us all

mary ellwood, 48 - sydney - United Kingdom - 3 Sep 2015

I could not find enough words to describe all the mixed emotions in the place where Ana was hiding. From sorrow to happiness because their spirit still in our memories.

Salvador Segura, 45 - Mexico City - Mexico - 2 Sep 2015

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michael masini Actor, 10 - Pinchbeck Bars - Lesotho - 1 Sep 2015

Como posso entender que, em algum momento da minha vida me tenha sentido menos feliz, só porque não pude ter isto ou aquilo, enquanto a história recente tem bem vivos, relatos de tão grande intensidade. Chorei por dentro todo o tempo do percurso dentro da casa. Actualmente pelo mundo fora ainda existem crianças vítimas de discriminação. Que se acabe a hipocrisia coletiva, em prol de um mundo realmente mais solidário.

Abílio rodrigues, 54 - Aveiro - Portugal - 31 Aug 2015

It was like opening a box filled with hope, faith, memories, strength, joy and sadness. To think such girl at young age can have such thoughts and courage ro survive, the ambition of her dream, its a true inspiration. The whole time i was inside, i was choked with tears, i can't imagine how she must have felt during those times to keep on hoping that the war would be over soon. And the irony of her didnt survive the camp. Mostly for her father to relive those horrific moments again and again and chose to embrace them by publishing the book and treasured the memory of his daughter, his family. I wish she was still alive to see how she touched people just by being her. Thank you, Anne.

Astrid Jade Budiman, 22 - Jakarta - Indonesia - 29 Aug 2015

Anne você conseguiu se tornar aquilo que disse uma grande e famosa escritora, leio todos os livros que lançam sobre essa pequena grande mulher, espero um dia poder ir a sua casa e aos campos de concentração para levar meu filho e lhe mostrar até onde a maldade humana pode chegar.

Claudia, 30 - Curitiba - Brazil - 29 Aug 2015