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Ela deu coragem a novos escritores para falar aquilo que os incomoda, que os ameaça e que os tira a vontade ser livre. De forma diferente existe um recontar dessa história de diversas maneiras. A opressão, submissão e prisão interior sempre existiu. Somente as pessoas sensíveis tem a capacidade de descrevê-las. Ela escrevia o que vivia, porque o que vivia incomodava. Ainda hoje muitos a copiam. Ela foi a 1ª. pedra dessa grande muralha.

Alaíde Almeida, Ribeira do Pombal/BA - Brazil - 18 Aug 2015

People often say, "Never again," but the truth is that genocide happens all over the world with alarming frequency. Oppression is something that happens when we become lazy and complacent. We must be constantly vigilant. To keep the Anne Franks of the world safe and free, we must all put in a great deal of work. We must educate ourselves. We must look within ourselves for prejudice and hatred. The forces that killed Anne came from within our own souls.

Greyson Wellington, 21 - Sonoma, CA - United States - 14 Aug 2015

It is difficult to believe how a seemingly simple teenage girl about my age had such a grand soul. Anne Frank helps define all of the voices silenced, writings erased, and impacts on the world that were not introduced because of one thing, hate. Let her be a reminder that hate can go a long way, but love can go even longer.

Kyle O'Connor, 14 - Boston - United States - 6 Aug 2015

always remember

JamesMichael Kolida, 67 - Tempe - United States - 5 Aug 2015

I visited Anne Frank's house earlier this summer with a People To People group and I was looking forward to this the whole trip. This was the most heart shattering and life changing experience I have had my entire life. This was the one thing I will always remember till I die. I hope to return some day. RIP Anne Frank your home with the angels now

Jessica Liebeskind , 18 - Taylor - United States - 4 Aug 2015

Upon reading Anne Frank's diary, I am somehow inspired with the courage she has shown during the time that she and her family were in hiding. It takes a lot of strength and patience to ever do that especially at a young age. May she continue to become an inspiration to everyone just how she became an inspiration into my life.

Alms Millicent Flores, 24 - Lapu-Lapu City - Philippines - 4 Aug 2015