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Amazing how words written by a young girl so long ago can still have such impact on people leading regular lives in 2015 all around the world. She really is an inspiration to try harder, appreciate life and cherish all that we have.

Chris Clifford, 36 - Teignmouth - United Kingdom - 28 Jul 2015

I tear up just remembering my visit last month. The bravery of all those affected is so inspiring. We lost such a great writer -such an astute, poignant observer of the times. I wish I could be sitting here reading one of many books she would no doubt have wriiten

PIdgn Clinton, 65 - Louisville - United States - 24 Jul 2015

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dr jonathan ramsay, 27 - Dourbes - Belgium - 19 Jul 2015

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personal Bankruptcy, 18 - Thorn - Netherlands - 15 Jul 2015

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click through the next page, 13 - Aarschot - Belgium - 13 Jul 2015

I became a fan & admirer of Anne after reading her diary in 1959. I was fortunate to see from a canal, the building she & her family hid in during a trip to Amsterdam in Dec 1964. It didn't seem to be open for public viewing at that time. Her story & personality has stayed in my mind in the 56 years since then. Her indomitable spirit remains to this day & for future generations. Though I'm not Jewish - but a Christian - God Bless you Anne & your beloved family. Sincerely -- Jane

Jane, 70 - Woodstock - Canada - 11 Jul 2015