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I first visited in 1984 and then again in 2013. WOW,what a difference . Now it is more like a shrine rather then a secret claustrophobic feel hide out essential to life. An event, rather then a contemplative visit. Rather like a visit to today's Stonehenge which is now, a costly museum walk thru rather then an authentic, almost mystical experience. The importance is not undervalued by the visitor, rather the experience is simply far too costly. Something is lost when so much is added to these thoughtful sites. Sorry to be critical but less is more.

Joanne Theodorou, 61 - nyc - United States - 15 Jun 2015

Hard not to think of Anne on her birthday. My sister, brother-in-law, and I observed her birthday tonight. My father fought in the Canadian Army and did some work in Belsen after the surrender; he had been wounded previously. We were all brought up to be very aware of Anne and her diary. I have been to the House three times and have been very moved each time.

Phelan Scanlon, 54 - Penetanguishine - Canada - 13 Jun 2015

In1965 we visited when the house was very bare but still impressive. Having experienced the war myself in Holland, I witnessed Jewish people being taken out of the house and put in a truck never to be seen again...and crimes of all kinds continue to this day.

Frank Niesink, 81 - St. Catharines - Canada - 11 Jun 2015

This book is truly fatastic. It's strange how Anne and i are so close, but so far apart.

Isobel, 12 - Northampton - United Kingdom - 8 Jun 2015

I visited the Anne Frank House on 29 May 2015 with my mum and sisters. I felt sad and angry. We should not have had to visit because what happened to Anne and millions of other innocent and Jewish people should not have happened. I will tell everyone about Anne and the people in the annexe and make sure it is never forgotten.

Reya, 13 - London - United Kingdom - 6 Jun 2015

I have not been here yet but it is my dream to come visit.

Maria Frank, 28 - Saint Paul - United States - 5 Jun 2015