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I will never see the Annex in person, so the virtual tour was very nice. I have read The Diary many times, and have just finished reading it again. It still makes my heart hurt to know that Anne and the others in the Secret Annex did not survive. After reading the book so many times, I feel as if Anne and the others have become friends, and I mourn for them, and for all the people who lost their lives in the camps. I often think about Anne and the great things she might have accomplished had she lived. So, I read her diary and for awhile, Anne is alive again for me.

Elena Andrusezko, 52 - Syosset - United States - 3 Jun 2015

Great Visit! After we bought the Tickets online, we went to the Anne Frank House and were very happy that we didn't have to wait, even if we decided after our visit that it would have been worth it to wait in the rain. Anne Frank was a very important person and I think it's also very important that we never forget what happened in the second world war, so that hopefully something like that never happens again. We all have wonderful brains and we should use them to make sure that soemthing like this was the only and the last time it happened. But also we have to remind ourselves that Anne wasn't the only one that was killed. Millions of people were also killed and didn' get a Museum, no one thinks of these people now but they've also had Dreams, Familys and a Life. Anne Frank lets us see that we shouldn't accept all the genocides and the Racism that still is here on Earth.We're all humans. Inside we're all the same, even if we don't look like each other. It shouldn't be interesting if someone is disabled or coloured or whatever. Because what would you do, if some day you are the one everyone hates and everybody wants to kill you and your Family?

Sophie, Germany - 2 Jun 2015

I was in Poland when the war broke out in 1939, and I was only 5 years old at the time. I only had my mother left, for my father just passed away before the war came to Poland. My mother was German and my father was Jewish. We escaped to Switzerland, and then to England, and eventually came to the United States. Unlike Anne my mother protected my brother and I from the Nazis. Only if Anne could of been as well. She died so long, and it breaks my heart every time I hear about her. She did not deserve to die at 15. I have grandchildren around the age Anne Frank died, and I could not imagine my life without them. Anne was a very brave young girl, and she was not afraid to tell the truth. We must remember the innocent victims like Anne, and remember that what the Nazis did was horrible.

Margaret, 81 - United States - 31 May 2015

I visited the Anne Frank House 50 years after reading her diary at the age of 11. Her diary helped form my deep passion against injustice which I carry to this day and I will continue to fight against it until the end of my life. My visit, to see where Anne and the others lived, moved me to tears: representing, as it does, the many others who lived in similar situations and the humanity of those who helped them. Thank you for continuing to tell this story. It is too important to forget.

Helen Cherry, 61 - Cambridge - United Kingdom - 31 May 2015

I have read the book & watched the movie of Anne Frank so many times. It always makes my heart aches. So sad that they were close to make it. R.I.P. All those who died in that time.

Tamara Montanez, 62 - Orlando - United States - 29 May 2015

I first visited the Anne Frank House in August 2011 and was very touched by it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I'm planning my second trip back to the house and third holiday in the Netherlands. It's a truly wonderful place. The story of Anne and her Family is very important in World History and should never be forgotten.

Lewis, 15 - Gateshead - United Kingdom - 27 May 2015