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anne franks book is a mamazing testimony of the resilience of the human spirit. such strong words,powerful message. and to all the members of the secret annexe, we will never forget you. wish one can get the real truth behind who betrayed the franks.

prem mathew, 44 - trivandrum kerala - India - 11 May 2015

I thought nothing was left to the imagination she was very truful and honest and I fell in love with the book

Lea, 16 - United States - 8 May 2015

Awesome Webpage, Keep up the fantastic work. With thanks!

Highly recommended Resource site, 15 - Bridge End - United Kingdom - 7 May 2015

My second visit to the museum and I still feel so touched by it - really makes you think about things and realise how lucky we are to have overcome such a horrific time to be alive.

Jessica, 18 - Liverpool - United Kingdom - 7 May 2015

I read the Anne Frank story when I was eleven, and I found the story very moving, I am currently 16 years old and I would love to visit the Anne Frank House.

Caitlyn, 16 - Perth - Australia - 6 May 2015

This was touching

Justin Case, 98 - Miami - United States - 1 May 2015