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I think that is one of the best books I ever read.

kianna esslinger, 14 - Kennedale - United States - 28 Apr 2015

I can remember reading The Diary of Anne Frank when I was in the eighth grade back in 2002. I will never forget it, and it broke my heart to see what she went through. I was thirteen going on fourteen when I read it, and Anne was only a year older than I was when she died. She was an innocent victim of the cruel Nazis. There is so much hatred in this world and people are being so cruel even today. We need to remind ourselves that this must stop, and rember the innocent victims like Anne.

Lauren , 27 - Burlington - United States - 27 Apr 2015

My mother was in the Netherlands as well when the war broke out in 1940. She was eleven years old, and I believe she was around the same age as Anne Frank. My mother's family were split up, some non-Jewish people in the Netherlands hid my mother and kept her safe until the war ended. Her parents were not so lucky though, and both ended up being arrested by the Nazis. They both were sent to Auschwitz-Berkenau where they both died. My mother came to to United States when she was seventeen in 1946. Like Anne Frank, both of my grandparents were innocent Jewish people murdered by the Nazis. Sadly enough I never knew my maternal grandparents. For a long time my mother would not talk to my sisters and I about what happened to her as a child, but when I was fifteen I read "The Diary of Anne Frank", and I asked my mother about it. She tearfully told me what happend to her as a child and I was heartbroken when she told me. It brought my mother and I closer though. Sadly my mother died last year, but she is in heaven now and is reunited with her parents.

Leah Stein, 55 - United States - 27 Apr 2015

Anne was such a brave young girl who had to see so many hard times as a teenager. She never had a chance to grow up, and died at fifteen. So sad, and it should of never of happend. I'm just glad that Miep Gies saved Anne's Diary, because her story touched many people around the world.

Cindy Yoder, 62 - North Olmsted, Ohio - United States - 27 Apr 2015

This museum was one of the most heart-wrenching and inspirational places I have ever visited. I have always loved the story of Anne Frank and being able to see it in person hit me a lot more than I thought it would. It amazes me how inspiring this girl was at such a young age and how her diary become one of the most read books in the world. I cannot say that I can connect with Anne on a personal level because I did not experience the same thing as her, but I can connect with her for her feel of adventure and to feel young and free. Every teenager wants to feel free and young, and for Anne to find an outlet of happiness through her writing is very inspirational. Overall her story and her house was a very inspirational experience and a memory I will cherish forever.

Hannah Alsup, 17 - Boston - United States - 26 Apr 2015

What a sad time for all Jewish people. It is so sad that the Nazis were so cruel to them, and so many people helped the Nazis. Anne Frank did not deserve to die at fifteen. How sad is that. Anne never got a chance to grow up, graduated from high school, and go on with her dreams. She never had a chance to get married and have children. Some people like Anne die way too young, and it was so sad that Anne died so young as a young victim of murder. I'm glad that you have this website, and I'm glad people are commenting on Anne Frank. She was a remarkable person, and a hero in my book.

Jennifer Theoret, 43 - Alburgh, Vermont - United States - 26 Apr 2015