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Maintain the amazing work !! Lovin' it!

ed australia, 25 - Neumunster - Germany - 26 May 2015

Her dream was to become a writer after the war ends. The war ended but Anne was no more in this world. But still, her dream came true, her book is in our hands today. We know her as a thinker, a writer and a sweet little girl who never took things as every one else does, she was different. I love Anne. She's my real hero.

Tehmina kalwar, 20 - hyderabad - Pakistan - 25 May 2015

Anne Frank was a remarkable young woman with a profound vocabulary. We owe it to the common person to read such an insightful book as this, to see the inside world of real terror. Without her writings, we may have never gotten a real look at what these times felt like. Especially for a young girl as herself. The book is like An Imperial Affliction where it ends without an end, except reality takes over and its obvious that she got taken away. Reading this book is real. It really happened and its not a dream. Reality is a bitch. And humans are the monsters that exist in this tall tale.

sarwan_Memon, 22 - Hyderabad - Pakistan - 25 May 2015

Very inspiring!!

Samantha, 14 - Pana - United States - 21 May 2015

I would like to see the Annex in person, but the virtual tour gave me a good idea.

Madylyn Rowley, 14 - Pana, Illinois - United States - 21 May 2015

This is a great website for a teacher to teach his/her class about Anne Frank and can give a great aspect on the Secret Annex in the 3D modeled house. Keep up the work and keep it good for educational purposes.

James Hill, 14 - Pana - United States - 21 May 2015