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Anne was a brave girl. She survived in our hearts!

Camron Hall, 14 - Pana - United Kingdom - 21 May 2015

Great, the Secret Annex Online was amazing.

Garrett Horton, 14 - pana - United States - 21 May 2015

I've loved Anne since I read her diary in 5th grade. She's been an inspiration and a hero of mine.

Kerstin H, 31 - Payson - United States - 21 May 2015

I have always been interested in the holocaust and have been touched by the many stories and heroes that have come out of it. I have just started to research more about Anne Frank and i am completely amazed. How can such a brave and patient girl not go outside for almost two years, and always have a fear that someone may betray you but still have hope? She is a hero that should always be remembered in the hearts of everyone.

Hannah, 12 - San Jose - United States - 19 May 2015

She is such an inspiration for the young adults of this world. She talks about the struggles girls would go through into a situation like this

Samuel Figueroa, 14 - upatoi, ga - United States - 18 May 2015

This Place is amazing... Thank you For keep this history... The museum is memorably,,,,

John Edward Gañan, 27 - Pereira - Colombia - 17 May 2015