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We read the play and even that was like a little exploration into the lives of the Franks and Van Pels. I am going to read the diary soon, I will most likely sob.

Jessie, 13 - Tallahassee - United States - 15 May 2015

I hope someday i will have the chance to visit this house museum. I will never forget Anne. She is always an inspiration. Thank God for you dear Anne! Shalom, Paula

Paula Filipa Saraiva Fernandes, 44 - Almada - Portugal - 13 May 2015

Every time I revisit the story of Anne Frank and her lovely family, my heart aches for what happened in Amsterdam and all over Europe. So many beautiful souls lost senselessly forever. The world should never forget.

Michael Tucker, 66 - Wausau, Wisconsin - United States - 13 May 2015

After reading Anne Frank's diary I was very moved by her story and upset at how cruel people could be. She was around my age when she had to go into hiding and was captured by the Nazis. I can't imagine what it must have been like for her and the others in the Secret Annexe. After reading her account of going into hiding I see how lucky I am that this has not happened in my lifetime and hopefully never will again. I hope to someday visit the Anne Frank House.

Hana, 14 - California - United States - 13 May 2015

I learned about Anne Frank and her family as well as Mep and Jan over 24 years ago I wish I could have actually met them. This family has inspired so many people although very tragic the message in this has changed a lot of lives.

Kristin Anne Holshouser, 33 - Salisbury - United States - 13 May 2015

anne franks book is a mamazing testimony of the resilience of the human spirit. such strong words,powerful message. and to all the members of the secret annexe, we will never forget you. wish one can get the real truth behind who betrayed the franks.

prem mathew, 44 - trivandrum kerala - India - 11 May 2015