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This story brings me to tears every time! I can only wish I could have changed what had happen

Morgan chavis, 16 - Houston - United States - 22 Apr 2015

When I read her diary, I felt so close to Anne. As girl who is the same age when she wrote her diary, I understood how isolated she felt. We shared the same feelings. I wasn't able to confide in anyone too and every time she mentioned the criticisms and scoldings because of her outer behaviour I wanted to travel back in time and talk to her. I really wanted to be her friend and confide in each other. Although I haven't cried when I read her diary, I felt miserable in the inside.

Ezelbahar, 14 - Istanbul - Turkey - 21 Apr 2015

Ella es mi inspiración para el trabajo con adolescentes porque su edad es vital para que ellos realicen los cambios que necesita la humanidad, y veo en las palabras de Ana esa esperanza para toda la humanidad.

Fernando Zeledón, 45 - Sonsonate - El Salvador - 16 Apr 2015

I read the book, saw the film and can't get it all out of my mind. It dented my heart with a sadness unique to any other. Senseless brutality--cutting short precious lives especially of Anne's--so full of promise--so many dreams. I've met her through the pages of her diary and I will never forget her. Phrases sometimes lose tenacity when said too often, but no "IT MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!". I know they are in God's care where no one will ever hurt them again.

Linda Ehmann, United States - 15 Apr 2015

oh Anne, beautiful Anne. how i would have loved to have met her. Her words speak to me and clash with my mind in a way i cant explain. Your words will live so much of a legacy on me that i will get your quote " Look not at the misery, but at the beauty that still remains" tattooed on me the moment i turn 18. How i hope to visit this place one day. I can't wait to meet her in heaven.

Chelsey carden, 16 - Durham Nc - United States - 15 Apr 2015

I was so inspired by her diary - I then read "Roses from the Earth" - a biography of Anne by Carol A Lee, and my respect for Anne then went into the stratosphere Anne's reputation and legacy will never reach that of Jesus Christ, but for a human, she unwittingly has made a massive impact on humanity.

Rob Newman, 58 - Sutton Coldfield - United Kingdom - 14 Apr 2015