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I love these stories there said though

anna, 17 - Stone Mountain Ga - United States - 9 Apr 2015

I appгeciate reading уοur websites. Thankѕ a ton!, 21 - Capenhurst - Saudi Arabia - 8 Apr 2015

I just watched the Ann Frank movie(made in 2009) and it was very interesting, I cried at the end. I just don't understand how those murderers could be so mean, they're not even human.

Julie Blanke, 51 - Fort Worth - United States - 7 Apr 2015

I read the Diary of Anne Frank when I was around 12 years old. I was very touched by her account of her life and how strong of a young lady she was. Now, I am sharing the Diary of Anne Frank with my 15 year old grandson. We were talking about different books and this one came up in out conversation. I found out that my grandson had read this book when he was in the 6th grade...more than 2 years ago! We are in the process of reading it again...together.

Mary, 66 - Southfield - United Kingdom - 5 Apr 2015

How can one read about this and not feel deep sorrow. This was an atrocity that must never be repeated.

Maura, 49 - United States - 2 Apr 2015

One day, perhaps, I would love to visit Anne Frank house.

Tammy Webb, 44 - Taylorsville - United States - 2 Apr 2015