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This is life... right here. The love of life..We prevail.. We must never forget...thank you for keeping this and many other stories alive.. We inturn do our best daily to make sure this Never hsppens again.. They did not go gently into the night...

chrissa, 40 - Pittsburgh - United States - 2 Apr 2015

Anne's story never ceases to bring me to tears. The damage can never be undone, but I hope humanity can drive out the darkness that caused this genocide with love and tolerance for one another.

Coral , 23 - United States - 1 Apr 2015

The tour of the house was awesome. I know I will never be able to see it in person, and appreciate the talent and time that was taken to give me this chance.

Lynn Mullet, 67 - Wichita - United States - 1 Apr 2015

This is a really nice website. It shows a lot of interest in Anne Frank and the world war. This has helped me do my studying on the world war, the holocaust and the beginning and cause of it. I have read Anne's diary before, but i was just lost because sometimes the diary skipped a few facts and opinions. But this website is by far the best website for Anne Frank.But that's all. Keep this website going.

Michelle Daniel, 12 - Blytheville - United States - 1 Apr 2015

This website/museum was amazing. It really helped me better understand and visualize Anne Frank's conditions. I also loved learning about all of the smaller details that were not included in Anne's diary, but gave me a clearer idea of the story.

Grace, 16 - Santa Rosa - United States - 31 Mar 2015

Browsing the museum was was an interesting experience. I imagined the home a completely different way, but now everything makes sense and I now have a clear picture.

April , 16 - Santa Rosa - United States - 30 Mar 2015