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A very moving story and place. Reminds us that we must always seek to challenge prejudice and discrimination. If nothing is challenged, nothing will ever change.

Doug Betts, 36 - Ipswich - United Kingdom - 11 Apr 2015

Dear Magot, and Anne, and your mother....I am so very sorry you had to suffer unspeakable degradation, and torture, amid the hands of the very people you held hope for, Rest in Peace...I hope I meet you all someday.

sharonl lojun, 53 - overland park - United States - 11 Apr 2015

i started to read the "diary of a young girl" since last week and although i'm not finished yet I've learned a lot of atruggles and also learnings since the world war 2. i wanted to visit the anne frank museum not because its one of the tourist spot in amsterdam but also to share to the people that who doesnt knew anne frank. Eventhough at her early age she is being sensitive in her environment and also in her simple notes in writing her diary it has an impact to us a people to be a braver enough to face the struggles like this and observe the world in a simpler way. If anne Frank lives today i just want to meet her and thank her for sharing her diary all over the world and eventhough a diary is for us defines as a confidential file and a prohibited to read except the writer. I'm also admire her for being honest and real for herself when it comes to sharing her feelings . through her diary i feel her sadness, struggles and loneliness deep inside . I hope that you read my comment and reply through my email. :)

amalets enriquez, 20 - makati - Philippines - 10 Apr 2015

I love these stories there said though

anna, 17 - Stone Mountain Ga - United States - 9 Apr 2015

I appгeciate reading уοur websites. Thankѕ a ton!, 21 - Capenhurst - Saudi Arabia - 8 Apr 2015

I just watched the Ann Frank movie(made in 2009) and it was very interesting, I cried at the end. I just don't understand how those murderers could be so mean, they're not even human.

Julie Blanke, 51 - Fort Worth - United States - 7 Apr 2015