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i really enjoyed all of this information and i would like to visit the museum someday!

Elita, United States - 20 Mar 2015

Coming from a family where my great grandmother survived the holocaust this story is very memorable to me. It really brings tears to my eyes that this happened, i sometimes think how could someone possibly think think way okay.

Isaiah Smith, 15 - Santa Rosa - United States - 20 Mar 2015

I can't really imagine being put into this situation. I don't really want to either. Being stuck in such a confined area, not knowing what was really going on in the world, except through the radio and a few other people. It'd be enough to make someone like me who's used to always being entertained in some way, insane. Also the lack of privacy.

Raini Do, United States - 20 Mar 2015


Brian John Braastad, 38 - Glendale - United States - 17 Mar 2015

This experience has impacted me a lot. I have learned many more viewpoints on the war, including tragic stories from her, and other survivors. I have connected with these people and feel sympathy for everyone.

Nicky Linke, 14 - Morton Grove - United States - 16 Mar 2015

I had always had some knowledge of the Holocaust, but through reading this book and watching documentary on Anne Frank, I discovered how hard life actually was as a Jew. Anne and company really had to go through some hardships. and I really find it ridiculous the times Anne Frank and Peter van Pels died! Anne died one month before liberation, and Peter died 3 DAYS before he was liberated! Wow...

Victoria O., 13 - Chicago - United States - 16 Mar 2015