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I am currently reading a play on the Diary of Anne Frank, and it has inspired me to visit this museum one day in the future.

Mia Gay, 14 - Elkhart - United States - 10 May 2017

They were all so close to surviving and they persevered the harsh living. They lived in an attic for two years crammed and uncomfortable. They were so strong and tried to see the good in everything that happened even though there was not much good happening. Anne Frank's books help us understand more of the Holocaust.

Bradley Mattison, 16 - wasilla - United States - 9 May 2017

I was very touch and saddened but definitely believe that she was strong

marie , 32 - dumaguete city - Philippines - 8 May 2017

i love anne frank, I whould of love to get to know her! I wish she was my sister! and my best friend! rip anne !

anne gleason, 33 - ny - United States - 6 May 2017

Anne Frank was an inspirational person because even though she was in a terrible state she still went through life.

Karen, United Kingdom - 4 May 2017

Anne Frank was very inspirational because no matter the situation she stayed posotive and still acted like a normal teenage girl.

Aylin, United Kingdom - 4 May 2017