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I have always been fascinated by Anne and her story, so visiting the house was an extremely emotional one for me. It made her feel real in a way that I was not expecting. It is so important for people to realise that her story is one of many of the people at the time, but also, we have to be mindful that such things do not happen again. It is my worst fear for the world that we forget compassion for fellow humans simply because of what they believe in or how they look is different.

Kayko , 20 - Calgary - Canada - 16 Mar 2017

Really, Justin Bieber? You hope that Anne Frank would have been a “belieber ” — a fan of you and your music?

VideoPortal, Eritrea - 16 Mar 2017

anne frank is a strong person to be able to go through all of this as a teenager i cant even imagine my life as hers

abbi, 15 - udk - United States - 15 Mar 2017

Anne was a true inspiration for anyone in despair and to have hope.

Angel Iruegas, 14 - SanAntonio - United States - 2 Mar 2017

I haven't read her diary yet but I hope to do so soon and visit her annex in the future. She was a huge inspiration for maintaining positivity in the absolute worst situations.

Raini Conlan, 14 - San Antonio - United States - 2 Mar 2017

I think that Anne frank was a very brave young girl that was forced to give up her childhood. Her story tugged at my heart because if I were to be in her shoes i don't think i would have reacted as calmly as she did.

karina Castillo, 13 - San Antonio - United States - 2 Mar 2017