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The signs of life and love in a house of absence-- a must-see and must-feel.

Debbi A, Turkey - 14 Mar 2015

humbling and surreal experience. so moving

Natalie, 25 - dublin - Ireland - 7 Mar 2015

Anne Frank was the most courageous little girl that I've ever heard of in my life. To think that she was my age, and doing what she was doing inspires me so much. Anne is the inspiration to many girls, adults, anyone of any age honestly. The fact that she found the good in people warms my heart... Rest in peace Anne. Hopefully one day I'll get to meet you, one way or the other.

Karla, 15 - Coachlla - United States - 1 Mar 2015

My Husband and I have just returned from a visit to Amsterdam, and the Anne Frank Museum was top of our list of things to see. No matter how many programmes or films I see about the Holocaust and related matters, I cannot believe what man can do to his fellow man. It was a very moving experience, and to think that a young girl can leave such a lasting legacy, her life was not in vain. We should never be allowed to forget what happened, and I pray we will never again have anything happen like this.

Yvonne Date, 69 - Caerphilly - United Kingdom - 1 Mar 2015

I visited the museum last Tuesday and thought it was incredibly moving. I believe the greatest tragedy is that there is still so much evil that causes so much destruction and sadness because we are still yet to learn from past mistakes.

Laura Cotter, 26 - Litherland - United Kingdom - 21 Feb 2015

Hello. I wanted to write about our visit to the museum & house today. It was very emotional & moving. On my 50th birthday today it is really sad that Anne & Margot could not live long enough to mark this important milestone. Emma Thompson's quote was particularly poignant. A very well done to all the museum staff.

Jane Revell, 50 - New Forest - United Kingdom - 20 Feb 2015