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There is something generally good in everyone, (Anne's opinion too) but history teaches us some allow evil to overcome good within themselves. Anne remains a 'human monolith' to the human spirit and behaviour - a 'giant' in so many ways! I have yet to visit The Annexe but am not sure if I could cope emotionally, so for now I choose to keep Anne's diary as the next most read book after the Bible - and will continue to do so, expounding the benefits of both these books, till I can't anymore. I'm sure we would all have wanted to meet Anne - but how many Anne's have each of us met without knowing?

Rob Newman, Sutton Coldfield - United Kingdom - 29 Mar 2015

Hope and I read Anne's diary for a school project. Even though I had read it once before I was still profoundly moved by Anne's story. Especially her ambition to be remembered after her death. I only wish she could have lived to see that dream fulfilled. Hope thought it was crazy to have had to stay in such a small place for so long. It must have been hard to stay quiet, especially if it was anything like the creaky attic in my house! It would drive her crazy (coming from a family of 7) not to be able to go outside and get away.

Amerca DeGraw and Hope Wordhouse, Grand Rapids - United States - 26 Mar 2015

I have read Anne's diary many times before. It amazes me how much she went through at my age. I have enjoyed reading the diary of Anne Frank and I hope others have as well.

Morgan , 15 - Santa Rosa - United States - 20 Mar 2015

The website was very interesting and had very clear and beautiful pictures of the house. It gave me a better understanding of the house when I was reading the book.

Brigitte , 16 - Santa Rosa - United States - 20 Mar 2015

I thought the montage of Anne's childhood and of how the Jews were treated in Germany was really eye opening. It was cool to see that before going into hiding, she lived a normal life: She went to school, acted in the school plays, and played with her friends.

Rachel W., United Kingdom - 20 Mar 2015

It must have been really hard for the Frank family and others to be silent throughout the day. I don't think that I could manage living in such a small space with people I do not confide in.

Caitlin, 15 - santa rosa - United States - 20 Mar 2015