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My wife and I visited today February 12th. I come from a background in which family members lost their lives in the Nazi death camps. Most of them emigrated to the USA. We were lucky. I owe my existence to this good fortune. The experience today was overwhelming. Anne's death and suffering was a terrible loss. How many more like her are gone ? The questions I always leave with are; would I be brave enough to care for and shelter others at the risk of my life? Or, am I capable of complicity with such evil that put Anne into hiding ?

Steven Gleich, 69 - Wilmington, Delaware - United States - 12 Feb 2015

"I want to go on living even after my death!” ― Anne Frank. I came to Amsterdam with my daughter on the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial holiday. My daughter and I visited the Ann Frank's house because of her interest in the history of the holocaust. I was just tagging along thinking that if the line was going to be too long, I would not go. We got there so early in the morning that we walked right in. From the moment we walked into the house, I was overwhelmed with emotions as I read the writings in the walls. To think that we were walking through the same dark rooms where Ann Frank hid for two years, was surreal. When we got through to "The Helpers" room and I saw this writing on the wall, I couldn't help but burst into tears. I looked at my daughter and we were both standing there in the middle of the crowd just crying..Anna's life like the life of great martyrs like MLK, transcended her death to set an example of love courage and determination for humanity, and that's a beautiful thing! Angela Roldan Whitaker 47 and Nicole Gaitan -California - U.S- 19 Jan 2015

Angela Roldan Whitaker, 47 - San Diego - United States - 19 Jan 2015

Strange it might seem,but it is true that I came to know about Anne Frank only about 5-6 years back.Right now I am going through 'The Diary of a young girl' and I am finding it immensely captivating.

NEERAJ CHOWDHRY, 59 - New Delhi - India - 17 Jan 2015

My recent visit in December to the Anne Frank Museum/House reminded me of this quotation: "We are hoping that these youth can be seen by...the entire community, not simply as children for whom activity must be arranged, or as adjuncts to their parents, or as waiting some future time when they take on adult responsibility, but as a living creation of God necessary at this very moment for the purposes of God in a civilizing process which is now being called into existence."

Barbara Schenkel, 63 - Coppell, TX - United States - 14 Jan 2015

I had the privilege to visit Anne Frank House after a 3 hours que in winter. I adored anne since i was 13 years of age. I took some effort to import the book from a book store as online purchasing was unfamiliar back then. Had a dream to visit her memorial one day since then. I was so astonished by my visit as I wasn't aware that Anne had many fans and followers. The other thing that put me to tears is knowing the museum is actually the buiding of the secret annexe. I was so overwhelmed and emotional during the tour. I felt her presence, and it was a one of a kind feeling that i haven't experienced before... the impact of the visit is still in me. I wish to visit there again. Only wishing that it wouldn't be too crowded and as could take my time walking in the building. Anne, I felt you and you mean so much to me. I've started writing and reading alot ever since i read your diary. Thank you for making a great difference in mine and many others lives.

Vivegananthini , 27 - Seri Kembangan - Malaysia - 10 Jan 2015

I usually though that this is quite a helpful and amazing description of a girl so simple and smart as Anne. But was very pained , when some people, tried blame this as an porno novel. I love this novel and would like to make my children also read it. in future........................

AK Bhartiya, 17 - New Delhi - India - 9 Jan 2015