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The site is very informational and it is great to actually see what it looked like in the Secret Annex and what the people were like in it.

Bethany DeVault, 15 - Santa Rosa - United States - 20 Mar 2015

There were many interesting pictures that gave a better visual description of Anne"s situation.

colton, 16 - santa rosa - United States - 20 Mar 2015

i really enjoyed all of this information and i would like to visit the museum someday!

Elita, United States - 20 Mar 2015

Coming from a family where my great grandmother survived the holocaust this story is very memorable to me. It really brings tears to my eyes that this happened, i sometimes think how could someone possibly think think way okay.

Isaiah Smith, 15 - Santa Rosa - United States - 20 Mar 2015

I can't really imagine being put into this situation. I don't really want to either. Being stuck in such a confined area, not knowing what was really going on in the world, except through the radio and a few other people. It'd be enough to make someone like me who's used to always being entertained in some way, insane. Also the lack of privacy.

Raini Do, United States - 20 Mar 2015


Brian John Braastad, 38 - Glendale - United States - 17 Mar 2015