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The book is very good, I liked very much, too could say, carries several genres like a bit of comedy, it has suspense, fights, love and other things that make me say that it was one of the best books I've read

Emiliano Velez Suarez, 11 - Medellin - Colombia - 15 Nov 2014

Incredibly useful, look forward to visiting again.

cialis, 35 - Klarup - Denmark - 15 Nov 2014

I would just like to say Anne Frank is very strong minded yet very insecure and I dont think I would be as strong as Anne and the others.

Ana Luiza Green, 11 - Edinburgh - United Kingdom - 12 Nov 2014

Thanks for furnishing like well put together written content.

cialis, 40 - Madison - United States - 9 Nov 2014

I read the diary when I was in junior high, and ever since then I keep coming back to it. Anne's story is an inspiration to me and to the entire world. One diary of a young girl has such a powerful message and impact on us. She and the rest of the Jews live through her book.

Emily, 22 - United States - 8 Nov 2014

I read Anne frank diary in middle school. Her story is very touching. She was very bright and inspirational young girl. May you and your family rest in Peace...

Yvette, 29 - Miramar - United States - 8 Nov 2014