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I had the privilege to visit Anne Frank House after a 3 hours que in winter. I adored anne since i was 13 years of age. I took some effort to import the book from a book store as online purchasing was unfamiliar back then. Had a dream to visit her memorial one day since then. I was so astonished by my visit as I wasn't aware that Anne had many fans and followers. The other thing that put me to tears is knowing the museum is actually the buiding of the secret annexe. I was so overwhelmed and emotional during the tour. I felt her presence, and it was a one of a kind feeling that i haven't experienced before... the impact of the visit is still in me. I wish to visit there again. Only wishing that it wouldn't be too crowded and as could take my time walking in the building. Anne, I felt you and you mean so much to me. I've started writing and reading alot ever since i read your diary. Thank you for making a great difference in mine and many others lives.

Vivegananthini , 27 - Seri Kembangan - Malaysia - 10 Jan 2015

I usually though that this is quite a helpful and amazing description of a girl so simple and smart as Anne. But was very pained , when some people, tried blame this as an porno novel. I love this novel and would like to make my children also read it. in future........................

AK Bhartiya, 17 - New Delhi - India - 9 Jan 2015

i was privileged to visit Anne Frank Haus in September, 2014 after 35 years from the first visit. A wonderful experience, but so different from our first visit. May she rest in peace.

Peggy A. Miller, 78 - Carlock, IL - United States - 29 Dec 2014

Anne Frank's story inspired me, she is an amazing person, full of hope and courage. Her diary is amazing and her quotes are just....I don't think i could have been nearlyg as strong and brave as she was for the last 3 years of her short life :'( Anne's story will never be forgotten

Tallulah, 12 - London - United Kingdom - 27 Dec 2014

i was very touched by Anne's words, that have brought me lots of courage to go for my dream, and hold on time and every moment, through the description of The Diary still could not be enough to imagine the very true situation during the war and hidden, thanks Anne to keep doing this great work and have influenced people that still alive and getting start to do something good for the world !

Chun Ling Chang, 25 - Kaohsiung - Taiwan - 27 Dec 2014

I visited this Museum/House, back in 1969, as part of a Summer School Trip. I still feel strong emotions about her now even after all these years. The Diary of Anne Frank still forms a special part of my book collection. SP. With Gratitude.

Susan Pike, 61 - Southampton - United Kingdom - 22 Dec 2014