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I loved looking at the Annex. It was cool being able to go through and look at where the rooms were and kind of how they lived. This is a really cool website. I'm glad I watched the movie and then being able to come to the website and actually go through the Annex. It was very interesting being able to see the Annex. Now only if I can actually go to Amsterdam and go through the Annex in person, not over the computer. Thank you for making this website. I'm sure a lot of people go to this website. Thank you again! :)

Taylor, United Kingdom - 6 Nov 2014

Anne, You live in our hearts forever. Thoughts of you, words of you i can never forget. I must visit your place. I pray for your soul rest in peace wherever it is.

Karthikeyan, 27 - Mumbai - India - 2 Nov 2014

I grew up in Argentina. My best friend and her family were Jewish. Her and her family were like family to us. I'd like to think I would have been as brave and as courageous as "the helpers" to stand up for them had this happened during our time.

Azul, 28 - United Kingdom - 31 Oct 2014

I would like to send my sadness to Anne and her family. You're still alive there in your book. Rest in peace Anne.

Lee, 38 - Bangkok - Thailand - 30 Oct 2014

I don't think I'll ever forget the things I saw in Anne Frank's house. I also noted that several entries in her diary were made on July 11, 1942 which is my birth date. I could not stop my tears. ( Visit done on Oct. 26, 2014.t

Scarlet Advincula, 72 - Makati City - Philippines - 28 Oct 2014

What an experience visiting this house. You can feel that the sadness that remains in the house and so much more as you walk through, seeing where 8 people had to coexist and hide for 25 months. Truly a very emotional place, and puts in to perspective, even more, the diary. A tragic story, and a reminder of such horrific events that occurred during this time in history.

Todd Myers, 42 - Lawrenceville - United States - 26 Oct 2014