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I feel compelled to write here. I visited the Anne Frank house last weekend and purchased two books including Anne Frank's diary from the bookshop. This was after I slowly progressed throughout the museum in what I can only describe to be a compelled silence. For me, there was no personal connection but I couldn't help but take in the vast aura of dense emotion that the museum encompassed you with. After some quiet reflection I picked up the diary (which I had read many years ago) and delved back into Anne's world. It is incredible how different you can feel after visiting what felt like just a character in a book's reality, it does just that, it becomes a real reality. Everything sinks into place and you can truly picture those couple of years in hiding. You question your own existence just as Anne had, and realise how she has impacted so many lives just by recording her existance. I cannot get her, or the terrible events of the war out of my mind, and so it should be this way, we should never forget. Humanity should be shocked to the core to remember the sins of the past so that we do not repeat them and we remind ourselves that this adverse feeling is what keeps us all good-natured and true. Anne showed us this. You will never get that annexe or those victims out of your mind and this is why I urge anyone and everyone to visit this place, history like this is imperative to all.

Holly, 24 - Somerset - United Kingdom - 25 Oct 2014

Anne has shown us that we should appreciate the little things in our life

Helin Kayacan, 15 - Germany - 23 Oct 2014

Anne, You live on through your journals. We will carry your voice throughout the world. Thank you for being an inspiration to generations who came after you.

Rainy, 44 - New York - United States - 21 Oct 2014

The pictures I've seen capture moments of the lives that have spent time in the house. I felt honored to step into the house of a hero.

Katherine, United States - 16 Oct 2014

The fate of the Frank and van Pels families, as well as that of Fritz Pfeffer, shows the depravity of which the human race is capable. Beware the current rise of European anti-Semitism.

David Danning, 63 - Brookline, Massachusetts - United States - 14 Oct 2014

I visited the Anne Frank House today and was so moved by her bravery and courage. Her story and life will be forever remembered in our hearts.

Rachel , 20 - Hamilton, New Jersey - United States - 6 Oct 2014