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This is an ispirational piece of work. I first read a book about anne from my own book shelf then I read her actual diary. Annes diary sparked my intrest in the holocaust. Annes diary helps/reminds me to be thankful for the world I live in and the stuff I have and the rights I have. My dream is to one day visit the Anne Frank house y the 100th year aniversery of the holocaust. I wish anne was still alive I hope one day to meet her in heaven.

Max Kretschmar, 11 - Huron South Dakota - United States - 2 Dec 2014

Amazing web-site you've gotten right here.

Mano Swartz, 21 - Borden - Canada - 1 Dec 2014

For a long time, I have felt that I owed it to people who died in tragic ways to make a point and show that people are remembering their loss; I feel that society has that duty as well. In terms of the Holocaust, I believe that it is our duty to make sure that we do not forget, that we go out of our way to learn more about the horrific nature of it, and to learn about both the survivors and those who lost their lives and the courage that they showed in face of brutal hatred. That is why I had to come to the Anne Frank House. I have always been touched by her story and the fact that Anne’s diary captures a moment in time that for many is unimaginable, but with her becomes less so. Her story is representative of so many others and I am thankful that she wrote it down so we all can try to understand as much as we can about what they went through. Walking through the house, and seeing the conditions that they had to live under to attempt to survive, I was moved by the courage of Anne, her family, and those who helped hide them and how they still had a life; they didn’t just give up. For me, it showed that no matter how unliveable the conditions may seem, no matter how terrible, life still continues, bringing both beautiful and tragic moments for us to bear witness to, and I believe that perseverance, that bravery to continue on, seen in the family’s resilience, and that of her father’s after, has enormous beauty and is a great source of hope for many, including myself. While I loathe the tragedy that had to occur for the museum to be there, I am grateful that the museum does exist and that through Anne, we can see all these things and remember and never forget.

Sarah Razner, 20 - Fond du Lac - United States - 30 Nov 2014

So sad what happened to Anne Frank. Oh well. She was an inspiration to us all.

Alexis, 20 - Canterbury - United Kingdom - 25 Nov 2014

I have the Anne Frank diary but I haven't had time to read it, I'd like to get to read it very soon. She is a strong young girl and I can't imagine what she went through, may her family rest in peace.

Misty, 15 - North Battleford - Cape Verde - 25 Nov 2014

The book is very good, I liked very much, too could say, carries several genres like a bit of comedy, it has suspense, fights, love and other things that make me say that it was one of the best books I've read

Emiliano Velez Suarez, 11 - Medellin - Colombia - 15 Nov 2014