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The pictures I've seen capture moments of the lives that have spent time in the house. I felt honored to step into the house of a hero.

Katherine, United States - 16 Oct 2014

The fate of the Frank and van Pels families, as well as that of Fritz Pfeffer, shows the depravity of which the human race is capable. Beware the current rise of European anti-Semitism.

David Danning, 63 - Brookline, Massachusetts - United States - 14 Oct 2014

I visited the Anne Frank House today and was so moved by her bravery and courage. Her story and life will be forever remembered in our hearts.

Rachel , 20 - Hamilton, New Jersey - United States - 6 Oct 2014

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khi thai nuoc thai, 33 - Tal-Y-Wern - Tajikistan - 3 Oct 2014

I first visited the ANNE FRANK HOUSE, in 1968 when I was just 18, visiting Europe with my parents, I was touched to the core, couldn't believe the bravery of these people and how sad it was that just before the war was over they were discovered. I said I would be back to visit and in 2008 my husband and our daughter visited again, and again, I was touched to the point of crying, as were they. God bless them all.

Carole Hillier, 64 - Fortune - Canada - 30 Sep 2014

I had gone to the Anne Frank house, and it was amazing to stand in the place where the Diary was lived out and it was truly amazing. Anne Frank is one of my Hero's!

Leah King, 45 - Golden Valley - United States - 26 Sep 2014