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Eu li o livro, e me apaixonei por esta história incrivel de superação! Fico me colocando no lugar dela, na época! Admiração incrivel por Anne! Meu sonho é conhecer este museu, e um dia irei realizá-lo..

Eduarda, 16 - Bragança Paulista - Brazil - 20 Sep 2014

Thank you Anne frank for telling your story because I now know how lucky I am. My question is (Is there any more information on life in Germany?)rest in peace Anne Frank

Kathryn, 14 - Rossford - United States - 17 Sep 2014

Truly amazing life story. May she always rest in peace.

Aris, Agios Nikolaos - Greece - 12 Sep 2014

I am being home educated and my mum is teaching me about Anne Frank and WW2. I think Anne and the people in the annex were all very brave, her story is very sad but very interesting to learn about. I feel very lucky to live like we do now I don't know if I could live like Anne. Thank you for Anne for showing me how lucky I am and for her Dad for keeping her last wish.

jamie lawson, 6 - warrington - United Kingdom - 10 Sep 2014

Anne has taught us a very important lesson: To live life to the fullest. She has touched my heart and I wish that Anne had known that her father was still live so that she can see how she has touched the world.

Sanjana Sridhar, 13 - Sammamish - United States - 8 Sep 2014

To have explored a place where an oppressed group of people had been hiding in secret was a truly touching and moving experience. Anne Frank is a symbol for the millions of people around the world, both past and present, who have suffered due to their race, religion, or sexual orientation. Many of these people will not have been able to tell their story, and their voices will not have been heard. It is because of this that Anne's diary and the story of her family is such a poignant and timely reminder that we still live in a world where people are persecuted or living in fear because of their beliefs and values. A lot has changed in the world for the better since Anne's lifetime, but as Otto Frank said himself, "to build up a future, you have to know the past." Anne's legacy will live on forever, and I hope her story impacts more and more people, just like it did to me.

Luke Salvin-Hughes, 20 - Sheffield - United Kingdom - 2 Sep 2014