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If only we could say that this was all in the past now. But in France, Marine Le Pen may become president next weekend. She is trying to surf the wave that took Theresa May and Donald Trump to power. The new fault line that is appearing, dividing countries' populations wherever it goes, runs along the rejection of the other. There still are people selling the illusion that if you "just get rid of the other", everything is going to be alright. Anne Frank won't rest in our souls unless we learn to love our neighbors. We can't change our differences, but we can still be polite and respectful to each other. We are all on this planet together. Live with it.

Monica Loup, 44 - Paris - France - 2 May 2017

She was really Optimistic around the war and a great lady to have around

Joe , 13 - Cheshunt - United Kingdom - 26 Apr 2017

I read Ann frank diary and it was very amazing. Her brunt honesty and her positive attitude. she inspiration to me

anneette huneault, 59 - welland - Canada - 25 Apr 2017

I believe the Dairy of Anne Frank shows how important it is to have hope in a time of despair . Anne says that she still believes there is good in people even after everything going on . I feel as if Anne would have cried and felt helpless , the inspirational side of her story would be non-existent .

Brenson Rogers, 13 - Lewes - United States - 25 Apr 2017

Wow, very interesting on how she fought threw this and was also able to keep note of what she had went threw. Must have been very tragic.

Brenson rogers, 13 - Lewes - United States - 25 Apr 2017

It is amazing how optimistic she stayed through such a tough time. Even when she was down in the dumps, she still tried to feel happy.

Christian Lobrutto, 13 - Cheshunt - United Kingdom - 25 Apr 2017