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Anne has taught us a very important lesson: To live life to the fullest. She has touched my heart and I wish that Anne had known that her father was still live so that she can see how she has touched the world.

Sanjana Sridhar, 13 - Sammamish - United States - 8 Sep 2014

To have explored a place where an oppressed group of people had been hiding in secret was a truly touching and moving experience. Anne Frank is a symbol for the millions of people around the world, both past and present, who have suffered due to their race, religion, or sexual orientation. Many of these people will not have been able to tell their story, and their voices will not have been heard. It is because of this that Anne's diary and the story of her family is such a poignant and timely reminder that we still live in a world where people are persecuted or living in fear because of their beliefs and values. A lot has changed in the world for the better since Anne's lifetime, but as Otto Frank said himself, "to build up a future, you have to know the past." Anne's legacy will live on forever, and I hope her story impacts more and more people, just like it did to me.

Luke Salvin-Hughes, 20 - Sheffield - United Kingdom - 2 Sep 2014

I visited the Anne Frank House 2 months ago. It was an eye-opening experience. It was a strange concept to be in the actual rooms that Anne Frank & her family had been in, hiding. But I do believe that this house needs to continue, to remind us, as we tend to forget the first hand experience of what war really does, especially to children. I will never forget Anne throughout my life, she has taught me a lot through reading her wonderful diary.

Lynsey Moran, 24 - London - United Kingdom - 31 Aug 2014

I am 15 years old. I live in a big house in a nice town with wonderful friends and a loving family. I get to travel the world and breathe the fresh air most everyday of my life. I know that I am lucky, but I didn't know the extent of my luck until I read Anne Frank's diary and toured the place she called home. I was deeply touched by Anne's story and hope that one day I can find the courage within me that Anne found in herself. On a side note I would just like to commend the honesty that Anne put into her work. Her harsh descriptions of her life in the annex and the people she lived with are the segments of the book I found particularly touching. Thank you Anne. Thank you for showing us what life is.

Isobel Tweedt, 15 - North Tustin - United States - 24 Aug 2014

I really want to thank to Anne Frank Foundation because of this beautiful web site. It was very useful for me. I could understand a lot of things about the context and, of course, the life of this amazing girl. I loved her very much when i read the book. Now, she is part of me.

Carmen, 33 - Manzanillo - Mexico - 22 Aug 2014

I read Anne's diary when I was in 6th grade, not REALLY understanding what I was reading (if that makes any sense to anyone but myself). It wasn't until high school that I read it again, & then I REALLY understood what a horrific ordeal that sweet girl, along with her family experienced. After seeing the space she called "home" for those 3 years, I have no words, only tears that continue to flow. While it most certainly is a gut wrenching experience, NOT visiting The Anne Frank House, if you are in Amsterdam, would be a huge disservice. God Bless you, Anne.....such a sweet soul....her wish was to be a published writer & what a tragedy it is that she died not knowing her wish came true. Much Love to you, sweet Anne

michelle, United States - 16 Aug 2014