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All my life I have read and studied many stories out of WWll. Anne Frank will always stand out among them. I think of the millions just like her who's stories we will never know. Her tale of strength and courage can speak for them all. She was a beautiful soul.

Troy, 49 - Wasilla, Alaska - United States - 14 May 2014

I am a Jewish teen like Anne Frank and I wish I could've known her. Her sorry is so incredible and she should've survived the holocaust.

Melissa Stern , 13 - Malvern - United States - 13 May 2014

It's the Holocaust unit in school. While I know how terrible the Holocaust was, there are still some things that just don't register. Anne's diary has helped me A LOT in understanding the significance and the tragedy of this major historical event. I hope she is never forgotten.

Evan Aho, Malvern - United States - 13 May 2014

My class is learning about Anne Frank and the Holocaust in English class and I find her inspiring. I love Anne's ambition and love and courage that she displayed during the hardships she went through in the Holocaust. I am a Jewish girl too and I don't have half the courage she had. I would have never been able to make it through the Holocaust. EVER!!!!!! THANK YOU ANNE FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cassie Graff, Malvern - United States - 10 May 2014

i have read her story many times, my breath have the been taken away. she is a remarkable young woman and deserves the world. She is beautiful. its a shame that she didnt make it.but her story will live on forever, Rest In peace Anne.

Morgan Colton, 16 - Belleville ON - Canada - 9 May 2014

I have heard of holocaust quite long time ago. Its such a shame that I just discovered Anne Frank's story now at the age of 18. My mum told me to watch some documentary movies to help me with my history research paper and she recommended some movies to watch, one of them was "Masterpiece Classic: The Diary of Anne Frank", which I watched on netflix. The movie was very touching and emotional. I ended up crying, for the occupants of the secret annexe were betrayed, found, and deported to the creepy concentration camps. That adaptation movie of Anne Frank's true story that she had written on her diary eventually led me to this brilliant website. Thank you for making the tour of the secret annexe online possible (for me at least). I have never read the diary nor have I visited the museum. Someday we definitely will visit the museum. Our deepest thoughts and prayers for the families and the helpers. They are remembered.

Dian, 18 - Indonesia - 8 May 2014