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Anne's story is really amazing. She's an inspiring young adult and I really love her writing. She didn't deserve to go through what happened to her family and all of the Jews.

Ashley, 13 - Citrus Heights - United States - 5 May 2014

I never cry during movies, at least not until I saw The Diary of Anne Frank. She has touched so many lives and I am almost 13 years old. The same age Anne Frank went into hiding and I think I would have been terrified. Her and her family have been a symbol of courage and strength. I absoloutley can't imagine being held indoors for 2 years. It is terrible what has happened to so many people during World War 2. We just finished reading The Devil's Arithmetic in reading class and when people didn't know what was going on, I was always the one to raise my hand. Over the past couple of years I have watched movies like The Diary of Anne Frank and Boy in the Striped Pajamas and read books about World War 2 and it is a time period I am truly drawn to and become an expert on. Even though Anne's story is 1 of millions, it makes you feel something. In some parts of the book you get shivers down your spine. In some parts you smile and in other parts you cry. It is a great story with a tragic ending but it makes you think. What if that was me?

Claire, 12 - United States - 5 May 2014

I became an Anne Frank lover since i'm 10 years old. Now that i'm 15 years old, I still admire and still inspired by her braveness. I really love reading her diary and I hope I could take a chance to go to the museum to see her diary in person. Anne Frank taught me to be a better person. I hope someday I can find a true friend like her. :)

Noreen Arabejo, 15 - Tangub City - Philippines - 4 May 2014

I could only keep reading until I finished the book. Unbelievable what she had to endure. As I read I was with her all the way.

Thiry, 75 - Grand Manan - Canada - 4 May 2014

Anne Frank's story transcends her own time and place, horrific though it was. She will speak for all victims of intolerance, hatred, and cruelty everywhere in the world. Because her words bear witness to the truth, she will never be forgotten.

Lama Zopa Borodin, 48 - Albany - United States - 3 May 2014

Dis book waz da bom omg i wuz liek redin wit me homes abut diz bek it inspred me to lev mu lif

BananaMan, Los Santos - United Kingdom - 2 May 2014