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When I walked into the house and I felt the floor I felt he creaked and I stopped because at that moment, the words of Anne, her fear came into my head, it was as if I felt the fear of being discovered.

Amanda Avellar, 23 - Cagliari - Italy - 21 Jun 2014

No, I did not grew up with the war and I did not really know what holocaust mean but, as a human being I have an obligation, a duty: The duty to keep alive the memory of people like Anne Frank, victims of the Nazi system. As a human being I need to tell the world his story because if I stop, I have afraid that the system can return and, other Annes could die.

Mandy Avellar, 23 - Cagliari - Italy - 21 Jun 2014

It is amazing how much she has given to us. She formed such a clear picture of how was it to live through the war. She seemed to understand it so well what was going on around her and more she managed to cope with that so bravely that it is even hard to believe. Anne was amazingly clever, courageous and understanding lady who never stopped believeing in the future and in the end of the war. She had hope which kept her going and she stood so strong and did not show her fear. She very was like a grown up in every way. Anne was a hero and will always be.

Kerli, Luxembourg - 21 Jun 2014

j'avais 14 ans quand j'ai lu le livre d'anne frank,cela m'avait bouleversé!je pense le relire 55ans aprés!j'ai lu pas mal de livres sur la seconde guerre mondiale ,c'est une periode qui m'interpelle toujours.n'oublions pas

BENBARA, 68 - Paris - France - 17 Jun 2014

i couldnt imagine the pain and horror they felt, they were also brave and Anne was very smart young lady, my father fought in world war two , and even though i didnt know him well, i have to proud that he was there to help, god bless them all, i am currently reading, the diary of a young girl ,you cant help by getting over welmed,may we a learn a lesson from this.

Sandra L Chapman, 56 - Romulus - United States - 12 Jun 2014

I am so glad Otto Frank decided that the world should see this because it just doesn't register to some people how bad the holocaust was and how the Jews had to go into hiding so they would not be sent to labor camps. This book helped me to understand the holocaust a lot better. Thank you Anne Frank

Abigail, United States - 2 Jun 2014