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this web site is amazing full of great information loved reading it cant wait to vist the house anne is such a great historical figure

Ashley Goodwin, 27 - cedar rapids ia - United States - 23 Apr 2014

I was quite moved experiencing Anne's life in hiding. My parents married July 5 1942, one day before Anne went into hiding with her family. I was born March 27, 1943. So as I experienced the dates I experienced part of my life too.

Ruth Mayling Greenbaum, 71 - Sherman oaks - United States - 7 Apr 2014

Your website brings Anne's story to a level that adds an incredible layer of richness to The Diary. Thank you, Thank you. No matter how many times I read the book, I am struck by how much more I learn about the human condition -- our desire as People to simply Be Free. Love & Light.

Rosemary Sundin, 51 - Minneapolis - United States - 5 Apr 2014

I hope someday I'll be able to visit.

Zoe Meredith , 14 - Atoka - United States - 5 Apr 2014

I'm embarrassed to say that at 56 years old, I'm finally reading the Diary. I never knew what an articulate, amazing writer Anne was - she was wise beyond her years. Now that I've read it, I don't think that I can ever forget it, and will always admire Anne and her family for their strength, bravery and determination. This is a wonderful site and I send my thanks and Aloha to all those connected with it.

Jan, 56 - Maui - United States - 4 Apr 2014

if only i could be able to tell anne in person, you're kindness and spirit would be remembered until the end of time. anne frank was such a remarkable girl and writer, i wish we could have been friends should she have survived that terrible ordeal. she will be long remembered.

Raven Holmes, 15 - london - United Kingdom - 1 Apr 2014