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Anne Frank's story transcends her own time and place, horrific though it was. She will speak for all victims of intolerance, hatred, and cruelty everywhere in the world. Because her words bear witness to the truth, she will never be forgotten.

Lama Zopa Borodin, 48 - Albany - United States - 3 May 2014

Dis book waz da bom omg i wuz liek redin wit me homes abut diz bek it inspred me to lev mu lif

BananaMan, Los Santos - United Kingdom - 2 May 2014

I have read Anne's diary so many times and love the way she wrote because she is so real and relatable. I hope one day I'll be able to visit and see where such an inspirational person, who has seemed like so much of a real friend to me, lived and recorded what it was like to live in hiding.

Jasmine, 13 - England - United Kingdom - 28 Apr 2014

Has a virtual or photographic tour of Anne and Margot's schools ever been done. I saw a brief clip on your site of Hannali Goslar inside their kindergarten but it is very brief. There was a clip I once saw a film of the inside of 37 Merwedplein but it may have been from a Dutch TV show and I don't know the source. My mother, in 1958 met Victor Kuglar ans his wife at the bridal shower of a Dutch girlfriend. The friend, Reit Van Lijf showed Mom the diary which she was reading in Dutch and pointed out Mrs. Kuglar to her among the women at this Toronto gathering and the story of her husband protecting the Franks, Van Pels and Dr. Pfeffer. It would be interesting to see where these other lived and worked.

Yvonne Ferlatte Locke, 56 - Oakville ( Greater Toronto Area ) - Canada - 27 Apr 2014

Anne's story is so touching. I wish that they had all a better chance to survive and got to see modern days.

Carrie, 14 - Pocahontas - United States - 25 Apr 2014

It is something incredible to know what it was like to be in her life through that Diary. This website adds even more joy to her and leaves her with an even greater monument.

Bridget I, 14 - United States - 25 Apr 2014