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We visited the museum April 5, 2014. If you are in Europe, find your way to the museum. It is truly amazing to try to comprehend what this family and others like it were going through. Anne Frank was an incredible writer and, along with those who helped her and also hid with her, are truly icons of decency, peace and perseverance.

Jay Dobbs, Minnesota - United Kingdom - 25 Apr 2014

I've been doing a novel study with my class on the Holocaust. I decided to branch off from our original novel (Number the Stars), to teach an autobiographical piece on the Holocaust. Anne Frank moved me when I initially learned about her so I selected to focus on her. This website is a great supplement to content I've already taught. Thank you for keeping her memory alive.

mel gonzalez, 22 - miami - United States - 24 Apr 2014

this web site is amazing full of great information loved reading it cant wait to vist the house anne is such a great historical figure

Ashley Goodwin, 27 - cedar rapids ia - United States - 23 Apr 2014

I was quite moved experiencing Anne's life in hiding. My parents married July 5 1942, one day before Anne went into hiding with her family. I was born March 27, 1943. So as I experienced the dates I experienced part of my life too.

Ruth Mayling Greenbaum, 71 - Sherman oaks - United States - 7 Apr 2014

Your website brings Anne's story to a level that adds an incredible layer of richness to The Diary. Thank you, Thank you. No matter how many times I read the book, I am struck by how much more I learn about the human condition -- our desire as People to simply Be Free. Love & Light.

Rosemary Sundin, 51 - Minneapolis - United States - 5 Apr 2014

I hope someday I'll be able to visit.

Zoe Meredith , 14 - Atoka - United States - 5 Apr 2014