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My daughter started with a strong interest in learning about Anne and her family and situation. I'm teaching her because I was taught with how important this time in history was. Never do I want my children and the generations after to forget.

Melanie and Jessica Hunt, 38 - Bath - United States - 8 Mar 2014

i like the site

maga, 34 - togo - Togo - 6 Mar 2014

Vanmorgen in het achterhuis geweest... wat verschrikkelijk indrukwekkend... dit moet blijven bestaan zodat ook de kleinkinderen van onze kleinkinderen dit kunnen zien en voelen....

rieta, United Kingdom - 28 Feb 2014

When I was reading Anne Frank's Diary,when I was 12, I was so moved by the suffering she endured, however I didn't understand what that meant, at the time. Last summer, I reread it and now I can appreciate what she had to go through when her enemies were terrorizing the lands around the Netherlands. Thanks to Anne Frank, her family and other Holocaust literature, I have become extremely sympathetic to any one person's pain. Thank you!

Maria-Magdalena, 18 - Waupun - United States - 28 Feb 2014

Anne became my best friend on summer. I loved the book, I miss her and I wish there was a page for everyday of my life. wherever you are anne, I love u my friend.

sof, 14 - panama - Panama - 27 Feb 2014

I feel so bad for Anne. I wish some kids were like her, strong, brave, and intelligent!

Braydon, United States - 25 Feb 2014