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I'm embarrassed to say that at 56 years old, I'm finally reading the Diary. I never knew what an articulate, amazing writer Anne was - she was wise beyond her years. Now that I've read it, I don't think that I can ever forget it, and will always admire Anne and her family for their strength, bravery and determination. This is a wonderful site and I send my thanks and Aloha to all those connected with it.

Jan, 56 - Maui - United States - 4 Apr 2014

if only i could be able to tell anne in person, you're kindness and spirit would be remembered until the end of time. anne frank was such a remarkable girl and writer, i wish we could have been friends should she have survived that terrible ordeal. she will be long remembered.

Raven Holmes, 15 - london - United Kingdom - 1 Apr 2014

anne frrank was a very brave girl, she wnted to be free but she held on until her time. the kind heart of this girl will be remembered until the end of time.

christine holmes, 15 - london - United Kingdom - 31 Mar 2014

I have seen the move and read the book and can`t belive what they went thought it must of been horrable to wonder id your family was goiing to be seen and tacken hostige

Diane Bowne, United States - 30 Mar 2014

The saddest yet most important story ever told. Anne represents the millions who never got the chance to tell their story. Hopefully mankind can learn that there is only one race - the human race and never again can such a thing happen.

Steve F, 39 - Gloucester - United Kingdom - 29 Mar 2014

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