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Her story makes me realize the importance of life and love, RIP Anne

Erin, 14 - Chicago - United States - 18 Mar 2014

I feel bad when you seperated you guys.You are so brave and and lucky peter liked you. margot and you are such pretty girls.You are a good girl.i wish i got to know you and you were still alive.You couldent be 85 right now but its sad to think your dead and you lived that while you where growing up .I feel sorry for you.

Reyna A., 12 - Seattle - United States - 17 Mar 2014

THIS IS THE MOST SAD STORY IHAVE EVER READ!!!! Ann you have changed the world in a great way, you gave us a way to see how badly the Nazis treated you and the Jewish people!!! That is so bad!!!!

Sir bacon, 11 - Seattle - United States - 17 Mar 2014

Everyone should be able to read Anne Frank's diary and visit the museum (we did it last January)...They really touch us and help us realize how blessed we are...I will always admire Anne for her bravery and thoughts...

Joyce, 31 - Itapira - Brazil - 16 Mar 2014

This book is amazing, ecspecially being written by such a young girl. I believe the whole family was very strong and brave. RIP Frank family.

Bree, United Kingdom - 13 Mar 2014

Anne u would have been such a great writer and I'm sorry that the sword of life cut yours so short.

Jack , 14 - Williamsburg - United States - 13 Mar 2014