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i like the site

maga, 34 - togo - Togo - 6 Mar 2014

Vanmorgen in het achterhuis geweest... wat verschrikkelijk indrukwekkend... dit moet blijven bestaan zodat ook de kleinkinderen van onze kleinkinderen dit kunnen zien en voelen....

rieta, United Kingdom - 28 Feb 2014

When I was reading Anne Frank's Diary,when I was 12, I was so moved by the suffering she endured, however I didn't understand what that meant, at the time. Last summer, I reread it and now I can appreciate what she had to go through when her enemies were terrorizing the lands around the Netherlands. Thanks to Anne Frank, her family and other Holocaust literature, I have become extremely sympathetic to any one person's pain. Thank you!

Maria-Magdalena, 18 - Waupun - United States - 28 Feb 2014

Anne became my best friend on summer. I loved the book, I miss her and I wish there was a page for everyday of my life. wherever you are anne, I love u my friend.

sof, 14 - panama - Panama - 27 Feb 2014

I feel so bad for Anne. I wish some kids were like her, strong, brave, and intelligent!

Braydon, United States - 25 Feb 2014

I truly love Anne Frank's Diary, it's a book that every teen can relate to. I wish everybody in the world could read it. It really makes us think of how much we have and how grateful we should be. She must have been an amazing person.

little bundle of joey , 13 - S - Dominican Republic - 24 Feb 2014