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She inspires me every day.

Shoshana, 13 - Paris - France - 9 Feb 2014

Thank you Anne

Bernadette hamann, 54 - Perth Australia - United Kingdom - 7 Feb 2014

I have read Anne's dairy five or six years ago but at that time I was too young to understand the meaning of the book. Now I grow up and I read it again to know the whole meanings and spirits what Anne wants to tell us. I just read it over yesterday night. I am touched by the all thing in the book ! Anne's lives was so real that we can't image. She's a amazing girl. I want to be a writer in the future and I am 14 now. And when I read the book I found some thoughts of mine are same with Anne's. There are so many commons between Anne and me so her dairy touching me very much. She's a outstanding writer and she DOES make her dream come ture. I hope I can visit Anne Frank Huis in person someday. Anne is a important girl that we can't forget. (I am very poor at English....)

Ei-Shang, 14 - Taipei - Taiwan - 7 Feb 2014

Just simply needed to tell you that I have found your web site exceedingly informative, interesting and very well authored. You must poured vast amounts of valuable time and energy into composing it all and I am tremendously thankful for your labors.

light tackle, Metzerlen - Guyana - 2 Feb 2014

she really taught me to be grateful of what ever i have and to smile through a struggle thank you anne frank

laresha, 13 - new castle - United States - 1 Feb 2014

Just watched the movie "Anne Frank--The Whole Story." I had ancestors who were murdered at Lidice, I'll never find their graves, but I know they are there somewhere. This movie touched me, as though I was seeing the horror through their eyes.

Rev. Dr. Stephen Godjas, 46 - Orange - United States - 29 Jan 2014