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I love Anne Frank. I am doing a projetct on her. I <3 Anne Frank.

Xanayra, 12 - Clinton - United States - 20 Feb 2014

Very sobering visit, As a father I felt so much for Otto Frank on his return to Amsterdam having suffered the loss of his family. I was impressed by the efforts to highlight current discrimination and hate.

John Dornan , 53 - Musselburgh - United Kingdom - 20 Feb 2014

What a place, I was moved to tears xxx

Sara winterflood, 43 - Canterbury - United Kingdom - 19 Feb 2014

What an amazing experience. I thought how my grandaughter would have felt. The world must never forget and must never allow this to happen again.

Peter Sherry, 62 - Liverpool - United Kingdom - 19 Feb 2014

Anne Frank the diary of a young girl was the best book I have ever read because I leant that she was just a normal teenage girl who tried to stay positive through a heartbreaking situation that happened in Holland and she has helped me stay positive what ever life throws at you

Shayna Johnson , 15 - Melbourne VIC - Australia - 13 Feb 2014

Anne Frank is truly an inspiration to me. One of my favorite quotes if from her, "and even though it all, I truly believe people are good at heart." She teaches you to really believe in others. Even though she never made it passed the war it was her optimism that kept her alive for so long. Its because of her hope that we can learn from the holocaust. If she hadn't gotten the diary on he birthday, If Miep never saved it, If anything different happened, we wouldn't know of half the things we know now.

Desiree, 14 - United States - 12 Feb 2014