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I'm enjoy seeing Anne Frank's house! :)

Natasha Tuesday Goswell Andrews, 17 - Richmond UK - United Kingdom - 11 Feb 2014

My 13 year old daughter is, at the moment, making a school project on Anne Frank (a subject I, regretfully, never was given the privilege to do). Although years have passed for me my interest in history has been rekindled since my daughters have their homework and after spending the last 3 hours reading up and following her story I will be hunting out a copy of her diary to read as the strength she -and the millions who have been victims of oppression and murder- should never be forgotten in human history so their sufferings should never be repeated. Totally incredible- and to think I worry about the little things which pale in comparison to what this brave girl, her family and those like her went through. May such travesties never be repeated and the present ones be stopped.

sean, 41 - telford - United Kingdom - 10 Feb 2014

She inspires me every day.

Shoshana, 13 - Paris - France - 9 Feb 2014

Thank you Anne

Bernadette hamann, 54 - Perth Australia - United Kingdom - 7 Feb 2014

I have read Anne's dairy five or six years ago but at that time I was too young to understand the meaning of the book. Now I grow up and I read it again to know the whole meanings and spirits what Anne wants to tell us. I just read it over yesterday night. I am touched by the all thing in the book ! Anne's lives was so real that we can't image. She's a amazing girl. I want to be a writer in the future and I am 14 now. And when I read the book I found some thoughts of mine are same with Anne's. There are so many commons between Anne and me so her dairy touching me very much. She's a outstanding writer and she DOES make her dream come ture. I hope I can visit Anne Frank Huis in person someday. Anne is a important girl that we can't forget. (I am very poor at English....)

Ei-Shang, 14 - Taipei - Taiwan - 7 Feb 2014

Just simply needed to tell you that I have found your web site exceedingly informative, interesting and very well authored. You must poured vast amounts of valuable time and energy into composing it all and I am tremendously thankful for your labors.

light tackle, Metzerlen - Guyana - 2 Feb 2014