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The virtual tour was amazing! It gave me a whole new image of what the Secret Annex looked like. So many doors and hallways.

Melanie, 14 - Vancouver - United States - 3 Dec 2013

from reading the diary the annex was way different from what i expected.

Kellie Hollis, 13 - vancouver - Uzbekistan - 3 Dec 2013

This online museum is very intresting and helps you understand the diary alot better...

Alex Bortz, 13 - Vancouver - United States - 3 Dec 2013

The tour really helps me picture the amazing book. I've visted the house before but I forgot alot of it

Julie Hays, 13 - Vancouver, WA - United States - 3 Dec 2013

Numbers and statistics are very abstract and remote. Reading about and looking at photos of a young girl puts a face on the horrible acts done during the Holocaust

Brad Weisberger, United States - 3 Dec 2013

Anne frank was amazing with a lot of courage.

Bob, 12344543 - Wellington - New Zealand - 1 Dec 2013