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she really taught me to be grateful of what ever i have and to smile through a struggle thank you anne frank

laresha, 13 - new castle - United States - 1 Feb 2014

Just watched the movie "Anne Frank--The Whole Story." I had ancestors who were murdered at Lidice, I'll never find their graves, but I know they are there somewhere. This movie touched me, as though I was seeing the horror through their eyes.

Rev. Dr. Stephen Godjas, 46 - Orange - United States - 29 Jan 2014

thank you for making this possible <3

Anne frank, 85 - Germany - 22 Jan 2014

Ive been reading these comments in the guestbook section and they are truly inspirational, is it great to see so many young people taking an interest in anne frank's story even after so many yrs since it happened, and the kind words they have written, I hope her story helps you guys in your every day lives to be better people.

jake, 25 - cairns - Australia - 18 Jan 2014

Anne Frank helped me with many things. Shes just an average girl like the rest of us, going through problems that every girl goes through. And what she went through is not only inspiring for young teenage girls but also for the rest of the world. I love her diary and hope her words will live on forever.

Raquel Mejia, Racine WI - United States - 14 Jan 2014

In class we are to write a paragraph about what legacy we want to leave this earth with. Obviously Anne frank left her footprint in time and others like me would like to do the same. But it is atrocious what she had to go through for her "footprint" to be recognized.

Zachary Hughes, 13 - Higginum, CT - United States - 9 Jan 2014