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Anne, I wish it were possible to personally deliver my comment to you. I can only wonder if you somehow you will. Though maybe in another time and place in our universe, you are already aware. Your story will never cease to be told, your thoughts so intimately expressed will forever be as if you were speaking directly to us. I vow to share your story with my children someday, because those who forget the past are prone to repeat it. Long live your beautiful memory. LEBIII

Luther E. Banks III, 27 - Bucyrus - United States - 4 Nov 2013

I am a retired teacher who taught Anne Frank's book & her story for years. The information on this website is invaluable to anyone interested in Anne Frank!

Jeremie Johnson, 69 - New Orleans, LA - United States - 24 Oct 2013

"Forgetting is dangerous." -Sonia Weitz Holocaust survivor "History can't repeat itself, but it can rhyme" -Mark Twain That's why we cannot forget.

Anonymous, 12 - Brookline - United States - 16 Oct 2013

I visited Anne Frank's museum this summer in Amsterdam. I couldn't really understand how hard it was to live through part of these times. Before I left I bought Anne Frank's diary and read it. Now I understand everything she went through and even though this has never happened to me and I couldn't ever imagine being in a situation like hers I believe that this was a truly horrible thing that people did and I wish that I can go back and revisit this house because now I understand everything.

Anonymous, 12 - Brookline - United States - 16 Oct 2013

Amazing story! I also love the website. I've always want to go to the house!

Madeleine, 13 - toronto - Canada - 16 Oct 2013

I just look at the movie and now I was reading about Anne and I just can't imagine all the horrible conditions that she and her family went throught. I thank God for the great life I had. I have a hard time to understand how can people be so cruel with others. I will get Anne's diary so I can read it. 14 oct 2013

Diane, 58 - Québec - Canada - 15 Oct 2013