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This personalizes a horrific time in history. I commend those keeping her memory alive both for her and all those who suffered at that time. It serves as a warning as to the depths of depravity humans can go.

Francis Ebbecke, 58 - San Antonio - United States - 24 Nov 2013

When I was a child, I read this book and I was taken to a time when my grandmother was an infant. The years when she knew nothing of what was going on because she was just a baby and then toddler. The story of Anne is such a testament to her strength and I find it such a shame that she never lived to see how she shed such light into this horrifying time in history. Though one must ponder this question: would Anne Frank and her diary be as famous and internationally recognized had she lived? Or was her death the only reason her 'celebrity' in the first place?

Sarah, 32 - Vancouver - United States - 24 Nov 2013

This exhibit is amazing. I never really understood how difficult it was to be in that annex but now that i know, I'm not sure how they did it. I don't think I could have lasted so long in those conditions. It taught me how strong people had to be during the holocaust. Learning about the holocaust is important because we have to know about our history and what guided us to the freedom we have today.

Liselenna Morales, 15 - jersey city - United States - 24 Nov 2013

I visited in 1963 and have never forgotten it, I will be back in September 2014. Thank you for maintaining this. Lest we forget!

Shelagh Heeney, Toronto - Canada - 23 Nov 2013

it was very important many people lost their life's in this. I feel bad for the them I wish they never had to go through this mess. We all would like to go back and try to change what happen to the people. Pray for the people that was taking away from this place

faith , United Kingdom - 22 Nov 2013

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Jared Gentry, 13 - Plymouth, IN - United States - 21 Nov 2013