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Hi, me and my partner are visiting Amsterdam from 13th, and leaving on the 16th. We really want to come visit the museum, the online tickets are all sold out, is there a way we could get a ticket at all? Thank you. - AFH: dear Jo Chang, you can always buy a ticket at the entrance of the museum. If you visit early in the morning or after 15:00 hours, it is less crowded.

Jo Chang, 30 - London - United Kingdom - 12 Sep 2014 Comment on: Online ticket sales

I would love o go and visit this museum but unfortunately I live in Scotland and so it is a bit of truble getting there but hopefully my parents will take me on my next birthday...sooooo excited!

Georgie, 12 - Glasgow - United Kingdom - 30 Aug 2014 Comment on: Bookshop

When reading the play for my English class I felt so bad for what had happened to the people in the 'secret annex'

Kelsey Bruso, 14 - Duchesne - United States - 1 May 2014 Comment on: All original writings on display