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My grandmother was also born in Germany she's from Berlin like Hannah Goslar an was born on the same date as her. She is an Observants Jewish like her family she escape only to Canada to live with a few relatives from Germany. she now lives in Jerusalem in Israel now I live in New York City and my Father is a Rabbi an her only son and her two daughters are Also rabbis as well I am soon to be a rabbi as well.

Kevin Cohen , 13 - New York City - United States - 15 Apr 2014 Comment on: How welcome were the Frank family?

Anne Frank has inspired me since I was a young girl. This year, age 40, I am going to pay my respects to a beautiful young woman who has given me so much hope and determination. May you alwyas be remembered Anne.

Liz Perry, 40 - London - United Kingdom - 7 Apr 2014 Comment on: A Museum with a Story

I visited the free2choice exhibit in January, 2010 and have been thinking about it ever since. It would be amazing to have this resource translated into English. I would use it in my classes in teaching Indigenous Studies in Canada. If you decide to produce an English version, please let me know!

Lynne Davis, Peterborough, Ontario - Canada - 12 Mar 2014 Comment on: Exhibition Free2choose