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When reading the play for my English class I felt so bad for what had happened to the people in the 'secret annex'

Kelsey Bruso, 14 - Duchesne - United States - 1 May 2014 Comment on: All original writings on display

In 1962 my family moved to Germany for my father's work. One of the first trips he took all of us (8 children and my mother pregnant with the 9th) to Anne Frank's house. It made an indelible impression on all of us. My father, as a US soldier fought, in the Battle of the Bulge, and as I look back now, I think he wanted all of us children to see the war through Anne's eyes.

Anne, 67 - United States - 30 Apr 2014 Comment on: The Secrets of Anne's Room

My grandmother was also born in Germany she's from Berlin like Hannah Goslar an was born on the same date as her. She is an Observants Jewish like her family she escape only to Canada to live with a few relatives from Germany. she now lives in Jerusalem in Israel now I live in New York City and my Father is a Rabbi an her only son and her two daughters are Also rabbis as well I am soon to be a rabbi as well.

Kevin Cohen , 13 - New York City - United States - 15 Apr 2014 Comment on: How welcome were the Frank family?