Anne Frank Collections

The Frank family photo albums were left behind in the secret annexe after the arrest.
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Many personal documents and objects belonging to the Frank family, the other people in hiding and the helpers have been preserved. These objects now form a part of a special collection: the museum collection of the Anne Frank House. Some of them can be seen in the museum – in the permanent displays and in temporary exhibitions – and on this web page.

Diary room

All of Anne’s writings can be seen


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The best known item from the collection is the red and green checked diary that Anne Frank wrote while she was in hiding. This is on permanent display, along with her other writings.

Below are some examples of objects and documents from the collection. Many of these objects have a direct relationship with the people in hiding and the helpers. Other items in the collection are connected with the success of the diary, the stage play and the film "The diary of Anne Frank".

A drawing by Anne Frank, which she made in the sixth class of the Montessori school.
Margot Frank’s bus pass, valid until Easter 1933.
Parting letter from Fritz Pfeffer to his fiancée Charlotte Kaletta, dated 15 November 1942. "My most deeply beloved! What does this, I hope short, interruption mean for our eternal bond? Keep your wonderful courage and your faith in God. Your love will make me and us strong and brave."
Opekta materials.
Cardboard advertising sign with actress Millie Perkins in the role of Anne Frank for the French release of the George Stevens film "The Diary of Anne Frank" in 1959.
Posters for the stage play ‘The diary of Anne Frank”, written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hacket in 1956. Above: Israel and Japan, Below: Soviet Union and the USA.

Anne Frank Collection A special collection of original objects

Personal documents and objects belonging to the Frank family, the other people in hiding and the helpers.