Temporary Exhibitions

Tentoonstelling Een familieportret / Exhibition A family portret

A family portrait 1920-1942 50 photos from the archive

Temporary exhibition in the Anne Frank House


Fritz Pfeffer - Anne's roommate Temporary exhibition in 2015

A portrait of the real ‘Mr. Dussel’ in photographs, interviews and personal papers.


The helpers of the Secret Annexe Until april 2015

Throws light on the important role played by the people who made it possible for the Franks to go into hiding


'We too might move on' On Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany.

The Frank family fled from to Holland in the 1930’s and later tried to find a safe refuge elsewhere. 


Otto Frank: his dream On the opening of the Anne Frank House in 1960.

On display in the Anne Frank House in 2009-2010.