This temporary exhibition was earlier on display from 15 December 2016 until 15 June 2017 in the Anne Frank House.

A family portrait

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Many photos of the Frank family have survived. A selection of these photos is now on display in a temporary exhibition in the Anne Frank House. There are photos of birthday parties, a new-born baby, children playing in the street or a day at the seaside. They show a normal family, with no sign of the threat from the outside world.

Tentoonstelling Een familieportret / Exhibition A family portret

AFS_Dagboek_092-093-hollywood-foto-kleur.jpgThis is a photograph of me as I wish I looked all the time. Then I might still have a chance of getting to Hollywood. But at present, I’m afraid, I usually look quite different.

Anne Frank, 18 October 1942

We had taken all the photos with us [to the annexe]. By chance those bastards missed a box of photos when they were emptying our hiding place, so I still have these.

Otto Frank, 21 July 1945

Professional photographers took many of these photos in a studio, on the street or at home with the family. After the family moved to Amsterdam in 1933, Otto and Edith had a series of passport photos of their daughters taken every year. The last photos of Anne and Margot are from May 1942, two months before the family had to go into hiding. As far as is known, no more photos were taken after that.

Soon we’ll have a photo taken in a shop again. I think then you’ll get a photo again.

Anne in a letter to her grandmother in Switzerland, April 1942

Tentoonstelling Een familieportret / Exhibition A family portret

A family portrait 1920-1942 50 photos from the archive

Temporary exhibition in the Anne Frank House