Edith and her family

Edith and Otto with their baby daughter Margot. Frankfurt am Main, 1926.
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While on holiday in San Remo, in March 1925, Edith meets Otto Frank, an acquaintance from Frankfurt am Main, eleven years her senior. Two months later they marry in the synagogue in Aachen and go on honeymoon, to San Remo again.

Edith’s youth

Edith Holländer was born on 16 January 1900 in Aachen, the fourth child of a well-off religious Jewish family.


Life in the Netherlands

When Hitler comes to power in 1933, the Frank family emigrates to Amsterdam. In the Netherlands too the family do not escape persecution by the Nazis.

Edith and Otto (table at the back) in the company of an aunt of Edith, her parents and three unknown men. San Remo, Italy, March 1925
Edith and Otto in San Remo, March or May 1925.
Edith and Otto's wedding, 12 May 1925

The first years of her marriage

Edith and Otto go to live in Frankfurt am Main. They have two daughters. Margot was born in February 1926 and just over three years later, in June 1929, Anne follows. The first years of her marriage are the most carefree for Edith. After they emigrated to the Netherlands she looks back on the years in Frankfurt nostalgically.

The years in the Marbachweg were also some of the best for us.

, 22 December 1937
Margot’s baby book, in which Edith carefully records her daughter’s progress. The photo at the top right is of Edith’s parents, Abraham and Rosa. Abraham dies on 19 January 1927.

Margot gave her grandfather much pleasure and happiness.

, January 1927
With the newborn baby Anne. From left to right, Käthi Stilgenbauer (the Frank family’s domestic help), Margot Frank, Ilse Angrick, Mrs Dassing (nurse), Anne Frank, Edith Frank, Rosemarie Angrick and Gertrud Naumann, Frankfurt am Main, 1929.
Margot, Anne, cousin Stephan Elias and Edith. Frankfurt am Main, 1931.
Photos from a photo machine of Anne, Edith and Margot.
Edith Frank and her daughters at the Hauptwache, a square in Frankfurt. The picture was taken in 1933, shortly before their immigration to the Netherlands.

Edith and her family Edith, Otto, Margot and Anne

On 12 May 1925 Edith Holländer marries Otto Frank, eleven years her senior.


Life in Amsterdam Emigration to the Netherlands

When Hitler comes to power in 1933, the family emigrates to Amsterdam.