Margot, a clever girl

Margot’s Year Seven report at the Municipal Grammar School for Girls. She will move up with distinction to Year Eight.
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A ‘clever girl’ – this is how Anne describes her sister in her diary. The people in hiding see Margot as the ‘teacher of the Secret Annexe’ because she teaches Fritz Pfeffer Dutch, among other things. In her diary Anne Frank keeps track of the things Margot reads and learns about.  

Margot, what does she enjoy doing?

She plays tennis, rows, goes to Jewish classes and is a member of a Zionistic organisation.


'Margot should also be mentioned'

Jetteke Frijda was Margot's best friend.



The most important dates in Margot’s life.



One of Margot's old classmates donated two special objects to the Anne Frank House


'Margot Frank: Correspondence courses in English, French and Latin, Shorthand in English, German and Dutch, Trigonometry, Solid Geometry, Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry, Algebra, Geometry, English Literature, French Literature, German Literature, Dutch Literature, Bookkeeping, Geography, Modern History, Biology, Economics; reads everything, preferably on religion and medicine.'

Margot would have become magnificent, without a doubt. The way she dealt with things, in a very grown-up way – she took a moderate, wise approach to everything.

A Latin correspondence course

Margot regards Latin to be an important part of her education. She therefore orders a written course at the LOI, a distance learning institute, under the name of helper Bep Voskuijl. Her lessons are corrected by a teacher and returned by mail. ‘I bet he’s glad to have such a clever pupil,’ Anne writes in her diary.

After the arrest of the people in hiding, Bep cancels the course.   

After the arrest, on 10 August 1944, Bep writes a letter to the institute: ‘Because of this I regret to inform you that I will not be able to continue the course. I kindly request you to remove my name from your registration list.
The teacher answers: ‘We are always sorry to hear that a course which has been undertaken seriously, cannot be successfully completed. Perhaps it is an option to have a temporary break from the course? When you have time, you could resume the course.’
After the liberation of the Netherlands, Bep explains: ‘The lessons were not intended for me but for a girl in hiding. She was deported by the Germans in August 1944 and up until now she has not come back.’ A few weeks later Otto learns that his daughters have died.